Billie Eilish Taylor Swift manager

Billie Eilish’s manager reshared a thread about Taylor Swift blocking artist’s success

The drama is getting messy – he’s now deleted the posts

Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift are in the midst of a chart battle as the two compete to get the number one album this week – with Taylor trying to hold on to the top spot for a fifth week with The Tortured Poets Department and Billie challenging her with her newly released record Hit Me Hard and Soft. Fans think this week that the two have been engaging in petty drama over this, with various sly digs being thrown from both sides. But the messy Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift drama just went to a new level when Billie’s manager Danny Rukasin reposted and liked a thread on X / Twitter criticising Taylor. Rukasin has now deleted and unliked the post.

The thread above which includes Billie Eilish in it is what the screenshots allegedly show Billie’s manager Danny Rukasin resharing, and the thread criticises Taylor Swift for her actions in the past including releasing her entire catalogue back on Spotify on the same day Katy Perry released Witness. This move was allegedly done to interfere with its charting. The thread refers to Taylor releasing three new versions of TTPD last week on the same day Billie Eilish released her new album.

This week, there has been comments from both sides of the beef with Billie shading Taylor on various things including long albums and long tours, and Taylor releasing more remixes for Fortnight to boost chart sales.

The screenshot posted on Reddit shows Rukasin sharing it, and fans are going mad on Twitter for the petty drama too. I need a conclusion to this drama cause I can’t take the petty any more!

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