Wait – did Penelope give Colin a major clue she’s Whistledown in THIS Bridgerton scene?

The Reddit debates on it are wild

There’s a wild theory over on Reddit regarding Bridgerton that’s sending fans into major debate – and it basically suggests that Penelope might have already given it away to Colin that she’s Lady Whistledown in one scene during season three part one. Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan, has taken centre stage this season of Bridgerton and as her relationship develops with Colin, the elephant in the room that she’s actually the elusive Lady Whistledown is the elephant in the room – but this theory suggests perhaps she actually gave it all away with this major clue.

The theory comes straight from the home of all great theories: Reddit. One fan brought up the fact that Penelope might have given it away to Colin as early in season three as episode two in this scene. The Redditor writes “In the scene before Penelope asks Colin to kiss her, she tells him that LW has to write about her because it will otherwise be suspicious.

“Colin looks confused at her. Doesn’t she in fact reveal herself as LW here?”

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The debate basically goes that some fans think this comment from Pen is basically there for the audience to pick up on, but that Colin might have missed it. It’s a wink wink moment for audiences to wonder whether he clocked it or not. One fan commented “We’re meant to pick up on it, but Colin didn’t really. But it’ll be a hindsight moment probably, like when it all comes out he’ll have an a-ha moment and perhaps refer back to that moment.”

One fan also pointed out how if he had any sense he would have noticed it, but that the characters on Bridgerton tend to be a bit blind and dim to obvious things – have to laugh, have to agree.

The anti theory in the debate came from one fan who explained “I think I’m the odd one out here, but I don’t think she’s totally revealing herself in this scene. It’s established that a majority of the ton knows LW is the gossip column, so when a ‘scandal’ like Colin helping Pen is the talk of the ball, it’s expected that it’ll be reported on in the next LW.

“Even as Pen runs out of that ball, someone says, ‘I can’t wait to read what LW writes about this!” The big, recent drama is that Pen is getting Colin’s help, and if LW didn’t write about it, people would probably wonder why she didn’t. I think we as the audience clocked her comment because we already know she’s LW. Aside from Eloise and Madame Delacroix, no one in the Bridgerton universe knows LW’s true identity.”

I can’t decide personally. She was playing with fire with that comment though, for sure.

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