Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan was once an extra on Made in Chelsea

Nicola Coughlan was once an extra on Made in Chelsea and called the show out for being fake

This is such a wild crossover?!

In quite possibly the wildest crossover ever, Bridgerton leading lady Nicola Coughlan has revealed she was once an extra on Made in Chelsea. Yep, Regency London to SW posho London – she can do both!

Speaking in an interview, Nicola, who has been very open in the past about loving reality TV as much as anyone, has spilled all about her experience in the background for one of the E4 show’s scenes. She even called it out for how fake and set-up some of the moments are.

Nicola Coughlan said in the chat she was “a big fan back in the day” of Made in Chelsea and said she got the call to be an extra when she was a “struggling actor” having just moved to London.

“It’s more real and more fake than I thought,” she said of her experience filming the show. “It was a really golden era for anyone who watched it – it was Spencer, Lucy Watson and Binky.”


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She then went on to describe exactly how filming as an extra worked for her. Nicola said: “You stand in the back like extras. You stand like this and you go…” She then started miming holding a drink and moving your mouth, to appear as though you’re talking, when you’re not.

“Like proper extras, you can’t speak,” Nicola continued. “Then, it was Lucy and Binky having a chat and then Spencer comes in and they really didn’t know. Lucy started bawling, crying. Binky was like ‘cut the cameras, she’s not doing this’ and I was like, ‘this is the best day of my life’. So, the relationships are real, but the environment is fake.”

What a truly wild time!

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