Sexy ads and dating Rosalía: Inside Jeremy Allen White’s life when he’s not in The Bear

Life’s sweet when you aren’t stressing about sandwiches

Let’s face it – despite how amazing the ensemble cast of The Bear is, it’s Jeremy Allen White who has broken out as the true star of the show. He’s managed to go from a somewhat known actor to becoming one of the most wanted men in Hollywood, and that’s all down to how truly great he is as Carmy in The Bear – a performance that has now won him multiple Emmys. With The Bear release date dropping yesterday, I’m so ready to get back in the kitchen and see him and the gang kill it all over again – but what exactly does Jeremy Allen White get up to when he’s clocked off from the kitchen stresses of the telly? Here’s a nosy little peek inside the life of Jeremy Allen White when he isn’t on The Bear.

He’s Brooklyn born and raised

Jeremy Allen White would have felt right at home doing his sexy, viral CK advert back in Jan – he’s a born and raised Brooklyn boy. He grew up in Carroll Gardens and when he was a kid trained in loads of dance styles including ballet, jazz and tap. What a diva.

His first film role was in 2006

Jeremy Allen White got his debut back in 2006, starring in a film called Beautiful Ohio. It wasn’t his big break but did debut his penchant for floppy longish hair. Kinda his trademark.

He got his big break in Shameless – the US version

The American version of Shameless was kind of an unexpected hit, not least because of the amazing Jeremy Allen White. He played Lip Gallagher from 2011 to 2021 – not a bad run and to then go straight into The Bear and win a load of Emmys. Wow.

He has two kids

Jeremy Allen White has two daughters with his ex-wife, Addison Timlin – who is also an actor. The two divorced last year, and to be honest it was a bit messy. Addison posted about being a single mum on Instagram and didn’t mince her words which caused Jeremy Allen White to respond saying he was a bit blindsided by it. Yikes.

The Calvin Klein ad campaign

Everyone and their dog has seen the SCORCHINGGGGG hot pics of Jeremy Allen White living his life outside of The Bear with a hugely viral and mega profitable ad campaign for Calvin Klein at the start of this year. He was just in his boxers, on a sofa in the rooftops of Brooklyn. Apparently, the ad campaign generated over 12 million in media impact value in just two days. Wild.

The sofa then sold later for another fortune. Everyone is so thirsty.

He’s now dating Rosalía

Honestly, you’d be hard pressed to name a cooler couple. I love Rosalía SO MUCH – and whilst the two haven’t hard launched any pics on the ‘gram, they have been pictured by the paps together multiple times and deffo seem loved up.

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