Young Sheldon cat plot hole

Another Young Sheldon plot hole has been found in The Big Bang Theory and I’m rattled

This would have been so easy to explain

Ever since the Young Sheldon finale aired a few weeks back and the show wrapped up for good, the plot holes surrounding what we know from The Big Bang Theory have come on thick and fast. The latest plot hole to rear it’s annoying head is from a comment Sheldon made on the Big Bang Theory about a thing that happened to his family and childhood involving a cat, but it never had a single reference on Young Sheldon. Here’s the Young Sheldon cat plot hole explained, so you can see why Reddit is up in arms about it.

Lucky, the family cat

Sheldon mentions on the Big Bang Theory that a Montgomery Ward delivery van ran over the Cooper family cat, Lucky. An ironic name for the feline, considering how unlucky its sad ending was. But fans on Reddit are less concerned about Lucky’s demise than they are the plot hole this revealed from Young Sheldon – because now the prequel series is well and truly wrapped, there was no cat.

And whilst it might be the case that this horrible accident happened before Young Sheldon ever happened – which is likely the answer to the plot hole – I do think it’s a bit weird that it was never mentioned on the show. You’d think someone might sadly bring up whatever happened to Lucky at SOME point?

Fans also pointed out that Sheldon talked about a dog they had too on The Big Bang Theory, but on Young Sheldon it was never mentioned either. Surely that poor family didn’t go through two tragic pet losses all before the show started!? That were just never mentioned or referred to again?

One fan on Reddit simply explains that look, the shows had different writers. And perhaps they didn’t actually care about continuity. If that’s the case, then fair play – but it seems a it questionable to me that someone with a memory and the knowledge Sheldon has would never mention it

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