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Before the new series starts, here’s who’s actually still together from Love Island 2023

The real test of who actually won the show

Love Island 2024 is literally an eyelash away from being back on our screens – and I can’t wait for another summer of chaotic reality TV. With all the excitement of the new series coming and a bunch of new Islanders to get obsessed with, it’s a prime time to reflect back to this time in 2023 where we were meeting the gang on Love Island series 10 for the first time. There were loads of couples on that series who we remember for being big characters, but nearly one year on from when they walked into the villa who is actually still together and managed to whether the storm of the outside world once they left the bubble of the show? Spoiler alert: Erm, not many. Here’s a quick rundown of the Love Island couples from 2023 who are still together.

Jess and Sammy


Somewhat controversially, Jess and Sammy were crowned the winners of Love Island 2023. Most people sort of came to the conclusion this was down to everyone who watched it loving Jess more than Sammy, but regardless all eyes were on the two of them to see if they’d stay together because their journey in the villa wasn’t exactly plain sailing.

Well, they didn’t manage it. The two split just a woefully short two months after winning. A source told the Mail Online “Jess and Sammy have called it quits. Things have changed since leaving the villa and Jess has realised they’re better off as friends.”

Whitney and Lochan


PRAISE THE LORD, they’re still together! God, it really was meant to be, wasn’t it? Our girl Whit and the infinitely great vibes bloke that is Lochan are stronger than ever and they post so cute on Instagram. They should have won. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it forever.

Ella and Tyrique


Ella and Tyrique gave it all they got and lasted like seven months after Love Island 2023, but they split in Feb for good. This one kinda hurts cause I was a little bit obsessed with their chaos, if I’m honest.

Ella and Tyrique gave it all they got and lasted like seven months after Love Island 2023, but they split in Feb for good. This one kinda hurts cause I was a little bit obsessed with their chaos, if I’m honest.

Despite being very different, Molly and Zach are now BACK together after previously calling it quits. I can’t keep up.

In March it was reported the couple had ended things after seven months together, but had remained friends. At the time it was said there was no bad blood and a rep told The Tab “they wish nothing but the best for one another.”

But now in a statement provided to The Sun and after a couple of weeks of rumours, it’s been confirmed they are giving things a go again. A rep for Molly and Zach said they are not putting “labels” on their relationship just yet, but are back spending time together and seeing how things go.

“Molly and Zachariah have always remained friends, even when they both decided to break from their relationship almost two months ago,” the rep said. “The couple have always supported each other and had similar interests, including seeing parts of the world and travelling.” Honestly, good for them. Nobody thought these would be one of the Love Island 2023 couples still together now.

Mitch and Ella B

Love Island 2023 still together

Every man and his dog knows these two aren’t together, considering Mitch went right back into the villa for Love Island All Stars at the start of this year. But fifth place finalists Ella B and Mitch are not together, in case you spent the start of the year in a cave or something.

They split in August 2023, just a month after the series wrapped. Ella announced it saying “Hi guys, just wanted to come on here and keep you all updated. You deserve to know as I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

Unfortunately, myself and Mitch have decided to end our relationship. I really wanted things to work out and I’m gutted that our journey has come to an end. I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter.

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