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Taylor Swift won the chart battle, but here’s more Billie Eilish drama that raged on anyway

Billie Eilish called three hour concerts ‘literally psychotic’

Well, the chart battle is over. But that doesn’t mean that the drama is. Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish seemed to spend the week as they both competed to get the number one album on the Billboard chart. I rounded up all the shade that had gone down between Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish last week, which included Billie making a comment about wasteful plastics for artists that release a load of different editions of the same album to boost sales, Taylor nemesis Kim K promoting Billie’s record on social media and Taylor releasing even more versions of The Tortured Poets Department on Billie’s album’s release day to ensure she remained at the top spot. Whilst we now know that Taylor Swift did indeed win the chart battle and remained at the top spot on Billboard, here’s the other stuff in the Billie Eilish spat that’s had everyone talking over the weekend.

Taylor released three MORE versions of TTPD on Friday

This comes after all the versions she released the week before, and will have added to the sales she needed to maintain to keep the number one spot on Billboard.

Billie Eilish calls artists doing three hour shows ‘literally psychotic’

Speaking on recordings captured on Twitter / X, Billie Eilish was sharing her thoughts on long concerts. Obviously, unless you live under a rock or something of a similar ilk, the Taylor Swift Eras Tour runs for over three hours. In the audio clip, Billie can be heard saying “Doing a 3 hour show.. That’s literally psychotic. Nobody wants that. You guys don’t want that. I don’t want that. I don’t even want that as a fan. Even my favorite artists I’m not trying to hear them for three hours. That’s far too long. That’s literally psychotic.”


Taylor then wins the chart battle

Billie won the UK number one album achievement, but Taylor Swift held on to the top spot on the Billboard chart in the US.

Finneas moaned about the Pitchfork review of he and Billie’s new record

Billie Eilish again created her new album with her brother Finneas, and one of the only publications who hasn’t given it major acclaim is Pitchfork. Reviews aren’t everything, but in case you don’t know Pitchfork are the publication tightest with their acclaim and it’s an achievement to get a high score on there and even maybe get given a “best new music” accolade. Pitchfork gave Hit Me Hard and Soft a 6.8 score, which is decent enough – but Finneas wasn’t happy.

Finneas said “Nothing cool about writing a positive review of an album everyone likes – they’ve gotta have an angle. They gave ‘Born To Die’ a 5.5 – it’s their whole hater-ass bag.” Billie Eilish scored 6.8, Taylor Swift scored a 6.6.

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