Baby Reindeer fancy dress

Um, a fancy dress shop is now selling Baby Reindeer Martha and Donny ‘his and hers’ costumes

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Erm, just when we thought the whole aftermath of Baby Reindeer couldn’t get any weirder, a fancy dress shop has come out and released a Baby Reindeer-inspired “his and hers” costume of Martha and Donny. You know, in case you want to dress up as a harrowing real-life stalking case??

The costumes include a red suit similar to the one Richard Gadd wears in the show, reindeer antlers for Donny and a 70s-style dress (that actually looks nothing like how Martha really dresses, let’s be honest), a brown wig and an inflatable mobile phone, obviously to symbolise all the voicemails that Martha leaves Donny in the show.

But even though the costume is blatantly supposed to be based on Baby Reindeer, the website doesn’t actually name the show in the description, only calling it an “Adults Couples Scottish Comedian and Stalker Costume.”

Baby Reindeer fancy dress

This means you can now dress as the characters for a “couples costume”. Both costumes sold as a bundle will set you back £38.99 and are being sold by online fancy dress marketplace, Cazaar.

The Cazaar’s CEO Belinda Nesnas told The Sun: “When Baby Reindeer became the most-watched show on Netflix, we quickly realised we had the perfect items to create costumes based on the characters. We especially loved Martha and Donny — both are so compelling that it’s hard to know who to root for.

“We predict these costumes could be Halloween top sellers, especially for couples.”

This comes shortly after a Coventry-based club, Kasbah was criticised for advertising a Baby Reindeer-themed night with an appearance/meet and greet with the “real life Martha”. After major backlash, the club released a statement cancelling the event.

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