A Cooper family member not being at George’s funeral makes Young Sheldon even more tragic

I have no tears left to cry

The worst part of the Young Sheldon finale was having to deal with the death of George, and therefore his funeral. We all knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any less heartbreaking to watch.

But there was one Cooper family member who was absent from the funeral, and the symbolism of this makes it all the more sad. Season seven episode 13 was titled just “Funeral” and saw the characters gather together to say goodbye to George forever.

George’s sister Ruth didn’t go to her brother’s funeral, nor was she mentioned throughout it. Ruth has never been a physical character in Young Sheldon, but she has been mentioned before, and some viewers have thought she would have made an appearance for the funeral of her brother.

Young Sheldon George funeral finale

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Her lack of showing up is symbolic of just how isolated George was, after prioritising his wife and children. This choice of Ruth not being shown truly highlights George’s devotion to his new, immediate family over his born, existing one. All of George’s other closest friends, relatives and colleagues went to the ceremony.

George had previously admitted he was unhappy, and said he had to sacrifice a lot of his life for his wife and children. His life had come to focus primarily around his children’s upbringing, and making those around him happy. Despite them not having a good relationship, it would have been expected for Ruth to make the trip to Medford to say goodbye to her brother.

I’m crying again!

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