Colin gift to Violet in Bridgerton season three

Bridgerton viewer breaks down the importance of Colin’s gift to Violet and now I’m crying

When he returned from travelling he had a very special present for his mum

At the start of Bridgerton season three, we all laughed that Colin had made travelling his entire personality now. We saw Colin Bridgerton return from travelling around Europe, and he handed a gift to each of his family members from his time away.

Colin gave his brother Gregory a bow and arrow, Benedict some playing cards, and he also had gifts for Eloise, Anthony and Violet Bridgerton. But, his gift for his mother Violet was definitely the most symbolic and heartfelt of the bunch.

Colin handed Violet her gift last, and she opened up a box containing a watch. “Why is no one talking about Colin’s gift to Violet?”, one person said on Twitter. “Like Edmund also wore a watch with him everywhere.”

Someone else then went on to explain the emotional significance of Colin’s gift to Violet, and how it represents his late father, Edmund Bridgerton.

They said: “I’ve been thinking about this gift non stop, and my conclusion is: Time stopped for Violet after Ed died. Having the son who most resembles him give her a clock also symbolises time starting back up again for her and this is the season she starts having romantic feelings again.”

Colin is the Bridgerton brother who looks most like Edmund, and season three is full of Violet being in love with the idea of love again. “Your mind I love it,” said one person in the comments about the theory. Another added: “My cinema teacher would be so proud of you.”

I can’t deal with this – I’m crying!

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