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In full: The Instagram statement 7M released when it was accused of being a TikTok ‘cult’

The statement is briefly brushed over in the Netflix series

The latest true crime documentary series to hit Netflix is Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult. It tells the story of members of 7M – a church and management agency for TikTok dancers. The group has been accused of being a TikTok cult, claims 7M has denied in a statement posted to Instagram.

Shekinah Church pastor Robert Shinn founded 7M Films in 2021, and took in 11 TikTok dancers who he and his wife managed. Then began claims the group was a “cult” as family members of those involved said they had been unable to contact their loved ones. Former members of the Shekinah Church have spoken out and claim they were encouraged to cut off loved ones in order to guarantee them a place in heaven.

Robert Shinn and reps for 7M have denied this, and in episode one of the Netflix documentary, an Instagram statement comes up which further addresses the claims. The statement isn’t read in full during the doc, but it is still live on the 7M Instagram page. Right now, the page has just over 1,000 followers, with the statement being its only post.

Read the full statement made on Instagram by 7M following ‘TikTok cult’ claims:

The message reads: “7M Films, Inc. is a talent management company that was born from a series of collaborations between a video director named Isaiah Shinn and a group of talented TikTok dancers who felt like they were spending too much of their creative energy focused on business deals that often went unfulfilled and unpaid. Without proper representation, the dancers felt like the industry was taking advantage of their hard work and skills. The dancers knew that Isaiah’s father Dr Robert Shinn was a respected businessman and asked if he could help with their business affairs, so they could focus on the creative side of their work.

“Since August of 2021, the influencers on 7M’s collective roster have grown from three million Instagram followers to 11 million followers in seven short months. This is a testament to the hard work and talent of our artists, and 7M is proud to be a small part of their success.

“It is true that the CEO of 7M, Dr Robert Shinn, is also the pastor of Shekinah Church. It is not true that there is any business affiliation between the two entities. The Shekinah Church and 7M are run and operated separate and apart from each other. It is quite common for a person of faith to own and operate one or many secular for-profit businesses. You do not have to be a member of the Shekinah Church to be represented by 7M, nor do you have to be represented by 7M to be a member of the Shekinah Church. Any claims to the contrary are simply wrong.

“Shekinah Church is a Christian church that was formed in 1994 and, contrary to false and inaccurate reporting in the press, has nothing to do with the Seven Mountain Mandate. 7M also has no affiliation with the Seven Mountain Mandate. The ‘M’ in 7M Films refers to ‘Millennium’, a fact which is well documented in its business filings.”

via Netflix

The statement goes on to say the company is “extremely proud” of the work it has done as a talent management firm, “helping so many influencers reach their audiences and find success in the entertainment industry.” It says “the style and professionalism of 7M talent set them apart, and that’s why so many brands have expressed an interest in and have had great experiences working with out talent and group.”

It adds that online blogger Katherine Manske Paulson has “started a campaign against 7M and the clients we manage, including the despicable act of trying to turn a private family dispute into a tawdry public scandal.” The statement says this has “recklessly defamed innocent individuals” and that she should be “held accountable”.

The statement concludes: “7M is exploring and will continue to use every legal means necessary to address these false and unproven claims in a court of law instead of the court of opinion. We are confident that the truth will prevail in the end.

“In the meantime, we continue to stand by and support all 7M clients and their families and friends in whatever endeavours they choose to pursue. It saddens us that they have to endure this unwarranted campaign of hate that is impacting the lives of so many innocent people.”

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