Love Island 2024 returning islander

A wishlist of legendary Love Islanders we NEED back as 2024’s returning bombshell

‘Did anyone order ANOTHER Italian snack’ – imagine the scenes!?

Look, let’s just call a spade a spade. A returning Islander is probably going to walk into the Love Island 2024 villa as a bombshell, and we’re all going to have to feign shock and surprise. When this first happened two seasons ago and it was Adam Collard storming back in, jaws were suitably on the ground. Last year, they tried to pull the same trick with Kady – and whilst it didn’t gag anyone the same way it was still quite a good time having a familiar face in the mix. I think at this point it’s fair to say that the producers are going to want to go with it all over again, so I had a little think of who the returning Islander should be for Love Island 2024 – and may I present to thee my iconic little list.

Chris AND Kem

The best Love Island best friendship, bar none. In my opinion, the way to make this twist feel fresh again this year is to send both Chris and Kim in. Love Island legends who are fit, fun and good vibes and would deffo shake the villa up. One going in without the other would be weird.

Curtis Pritchard

Sorry, I would like to see it! Every time Curtis Pritchard prances his twinkletoes on to my screen it is compulsive car crash telly and I eat it up every time. He’s just the one who wants to make everyone a coffee in the morning!

Anna Vakili

I just feel like she needs another go at it. She’s had such a glow up since her series and Anna was always great TV. Need honest girlies who are gonna cause mayhem. Love her.


I’m sorry, but for someone who was in the villa for about two minutes you will never forget Chuggs. That nickname got him in the history books and I refuse to take him out of said books til he has a Love Island second go at it. Kind of a king. I have a mate who set his Twitter name to ‘Bride of Chuggs’ and it would just really make his day. Do it for my mate, guys.

Shannon Singh

Shannon was the victim of perhaps the most savage dumping in the history of Love Island, and I do think she had potential to be an all time great Islander. Obviously she’s not as much of a known legend as some on this list but I do think she deserves the chance to be a returning Islander and show what she’s made of – maybe Love Island 2024 is her time!

Davide Sanclimenti

Love Island 2024 returning islander

I actually don’t think there’s another Islander I watch with such dedication like I do Davide. I love him. His TikTok account is one of the all time greats. He’s so unintentionally funny I just need him in the villa. I ordered another Italian snack and I want it now.

Zara Lackenby-Brown

Love Island 2024 returning islander

Done dirty, gone too soon, made a huge impact. Zara was explosive on her mostly boring season of winter Love Island but she was extremely memorable and honestly feel like she needs to come back to give us more drama and chaos and not get screwed over. Bit of an icon.

I know the Love Island producers say they keep an eye on socials and listen to fans opinions – so if you guys are reading this, you’re welcome. Done the work for you.

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