Not ready to leave yet? Here are six reasons to stay in Exeter after graduating

Hold onto your ‘silly fresh’ title for just a little longer

After spending three years at the University of Exeter, it is almost time for us to graduate! A scary, yet exciting, time for many of us. With feelings of uncertainty, worry and perhaps relief, this time grants you many “last” moments in Exeter: The last time you will go on campus, the last time you will go to TP, and perhaps the first time trying all the little cafes you hadn’t gotten round to yet. As the academic year comes to a close, many of us may not want to leave Exeter just yet. Besides, you have dedicated three or so years of your life here. You have made many silly mistakes here and many sensible decisions here too (such as choosing not to date a rugby boy or buy a second Venom). If you’re feeling like you don’t know whether you should stay in Exeter for summer or not, here are some reasons you should DEFINITELY stay:

1. Staying in the uni bubble longer

Once you graduate, you may feel uncertain about what to do with yourself now that you don’t have the academic stress looming over you. By staying in Exeter during the summer, you get to stay in the uni bubble just a little bit longer. Perhaps you’re not ready to let go of your TP Wednesdays or you’re not ready to say goodbye to the campus cat, Napoleon. If you choose to stay in Exeter, you can cling onto your “student” status and ignore your impending adulthood. Deep down, you’re still a silly fresh who makes silly decisions.

2. Exeter nature

In Exeter, we are lucky to be surrounded by such a beautiful landscape. We have the Quay, Dartmoor, Exmoor National Parks and many nice areas to have your “Hot Girl” walks. Exeter is definitely the place to be in the summer. With our mixture of picturesque countryside and our nearby beaches, you are bound to have the best last Exeter summer with your fellow third year friends. Come on, why not battle the seagulls in Exmouth for one last time?

3. Do the things you haven’t had the chance to yet

By staying in Exeter for summer, you get the chance to finally do the things you haven’t yet. Maybe you have always wanted to attend Hijacked festival in Double Locks or you’ve always wanted to go canoeing down the Quay. Now that summer is here, use this time to embrace the last moments as an “Exetah” student, including a late night party at Vaults.

4. Enjoy your independence before going home

The best part about going to university is the independence. Although this can initially be daunting for many first year students, you get very used to living alone by the time third year ends. If you’re someone who likes to be independent and enjoys the freedom, why not stay a bit longer in Exeter? Besides, you can make the most of your rent that you are paying for during the summer months.

5. Spending more time with friends before adulting

Summer is the best time to truly live out your “Hot Girl Summer” with your friends. Whilst you’re still young, slightly broke and free, use this time for your friends. Besides, the friends you have made throughout your time at uni are friends you want to cherish. They have been there for you for all three years and have definitely seen your highs and lows. Uni can be quite a lonely place at times, but the friendships are certainly what make you feel less alone.

To all the pres, the birthdays, the nights in, the nights out and the times they have comforted your drunk crying in the Fever toilets, you must celebrate with them for one last time before adulting! Although you will certainly arrange to meet up after graduation, adulthood can take its toll. So, use the time you have left to spend it with your friends. You won’t regret it.

6. Timepiece