Love Island 2024 hideaway

Omg, the hideaway has completely changed for Love Island 2024 and the new rules are wild

You can only go in with someone you’re not actually coupled up with!?

“Love Island is stale”, we cry – every summer. But we’re still all so excited to spend a summer with a load of influencer hopefuls desperate for their day in the sun, and with the return literally around the corner it’s so exciting to see what’s going to change for the new series. The cast is out there now and it looks like there’s some real characters, and whilst we can assumedly expect to see the traditional return of things like Casa Amor, one staple that’s changed massively this year is going to throw the Love Island villa and the Islanders into pure chaos. Love Island 2024 is changing the hideaway – and what it’s changing into is mental.

Usually in Love Island, the hideaway is a private room that opens when Islanders get a text and then the group decide what coupled up pair get a night to themselves in there for whatever lewd fun they might want to have away from the eyes of some fella from Bognor Regis and the nepo baby daughter of a celeb. But this time, it’s all change.

Now, the hideaway will be open ALL THE TIME. The twist? The only people who can use it are those not officially coupled up. Imagine the drama! The sneaking! This was revealed by Love Island’s  executive producer, Mike Spencer, who told Grazia“At the moment, and this is very work in progress. You shouldn’t be in a couple to go in the hideaway, because sometimes by default or by recouplings you might end up in a friendship so the idea is that there is no invite needed, as long as you are not in a couple.

“I think it’s just one of many things that we’re introducing. We want usage to be more organic and natural. If it works, it works. It might not work. It’s been a staple for so long that it’s good to change it up a bit.”

I personally think this is a really juicy move – we just need to hope and pray that the actual Islanders are game for stirring up a bit of drama. Will be a huge shame if there’s this opportunity for explosive chaos and nobody takes the opportunity to make some iconic TV – get that Love Island 2024 hideaway open NOW.

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