These are the apprenticeships where you can actually earn more than Russell Group grads

Rishi Sunak said he’ll scrap ‘rip-off degrees’ in favour of apprenticeships if he wins the election

There’s a whole load of talk about degrees versus apprenticeships right now and which is the better option after Rishi Sunak announced that if the Tories win the election they’ll make 100,000 new apprenticeships by scrapping “low-quality” and “Mickey Mouse degrees”.

Now obviously there’s no such thing as Mickey Mouse degrees and going to uni to study any subject will always be worthwhile. But if you do an apprenticeship, is it possible to earn as much money as a Russell Group grad? Well, it turns out for some subjects yes.

The Telegraph analysed average grad and apprentice salaries from the Department for Education for a number of subject areas and although for many jobs, going to uni will get you more money within five years of graduating, for five subjects you might actually be better doing an apprenticeship.

Apprentices in building and construction, for example, made £34,700 after five years, exceeding the £32,395 average for students who studied architecture, building and planning courses at uni.

A similar pattern is seen with agriculture (£31,300 versus £25,000) and media and communications (£29,400 versus £24,800).

So these are the apprenticeships where you’ll end up earning more than Russell Group uni grads:


5. Teaching and lecturing

Average education and teaching grad salary: £26,810

Average apprentice salary: £25,850

Difference: £960

4. Building and construction

Average architecture, building and planning grad salary: £32,395

Average apprentice salary: £34,661

Difference: £2,266

3. Engineering

Average engineering  grad salary: £36,333

Average apprentice salary: £39,204

Difference: £2,871

2. Media and Communication

Average media, journalism and communications grad salary: £24,833

Average apprentice salary: £29,353

Difference: £4,520

1. Agriculture

Average agriculture, food and related studies grad salary: £24,977

Average apprentice salary: £31,264

Difference: £6,287

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