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This is exactly which Russell Group uni each of the Bridgerton characters would go to

Colin losing his mind when he hears about study abroad

We’ve finally been blessed with Bridgerton season three and now only have two weeks to wait for part two to come out. And I’m sure during that long treacherous wait all you’ve been able to think about is where all the iconic Bridgerton characters would go to uni. Swapping balls for SU nights and Whistldown for 9ams, what would they all be like at uni?

So if all the Bridgerton characters went to Russell Group unis, this is where they would go:

Francesca – York

The Nandos lemon and herb equivalent of unis, Francesca would be more than happy at York. She’d obviously study music but would be too scared to join the actual music society. Instead, she’d just bring a whole ass keyboard to her halls room and piss off all her flatmates whilst they’re trying to play ring of fire. You’d never catch her at a Wednesday night Salvos but she’d love a wholesome trip to the Minster (secretly eyeing up the organ) or Betty’s Tea Room. Her bed would be COVERED in Jellycats and you know it.

Colin – Every single study abroad programme

It doesn’t even MATTER which silly little uni you stick him in because he’d simply never be there. Colin would choose his uni purely based on which one has the best study abroad programme and you can bet he’s royally pissed off the poor study abroad admin asking how many times is the maximum one person can do it. He’d study something like Geography so when he corners you and bores you to death with the tales of his backpacking adventures around Thailand he can sound really intellectual and back it up with hardcore geography facts. But when he’s actually in the country he’d be the social sec for the skiing society or something as equally insufferable.

Benedict – Bristol

Benedict would have initially wanted to go to some arty college that no one’s ever heard of because he felt “inspired by the vibes there”, but Anthony made him go to a Russell Group because he’s got to “hold up the Bridgerton name for God’s sake”. So he’d study something arty at Bristol instead, where his smoke alarm would be permanently covered by a sock because of all the weed he’s smoking. He’d like to pretend that he has no money but his wardrobe is exclusively Ralph Lauren quarter zips and he secretly texts Anthony every single night out so that he can buy a round for everyone. Fun fact Luke Thompson actually went to Bristol in real life so it all checks out!

Eloise – Edinburgh

At first, you’d think that given how smart she is Eloise would be an Oxford or Cambridge girly. But always wanting to break from tradition (and hating the fact that they both only used to accept men) Eloise would go to Edinburgh, prestigious but getting away from what her family expects of her.

She would have a Normal People Marriane-style life glow up at uni and have a massive circle of friends. She’d be the president of the literature society, frequently attend slam poetry events and open mic nights and always be fighting with the boys about Foucalt in her PPE seminars. Her wardrobe would be exclusively from Vinted and she’d always be petitioning for the SU to go fully vegan.

Anthony – Newcastle

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Anthony would study economics or finance at Newcastle and have about three grad scheme offers all from Big Four firms before he’s even finished second year. He’d be an annoying student ambassador and hand all his essays in at least two weeks early. Anthony would be that one person in the course group chat that saves everyone’s lives but then gets pissed off when someone asks the same question twice.

Despite this, he’d love a trip to Spoons and would definitely be on the committee for either the hockey or rugby team I’m afraid. He’d never miss a sports social but would make sure to have a train home booked every single weekend so he can keep an eye on his family.

Penelope – Warwick

After unsuccessful Oxbridge applications, Penelope would just accept her boring fate and go to Warwick. She would study creative writing, edit the uni newspaper and fall in love with her course best mate. She’d claim to absolutely hate circle but would sit on the sidelines secretly getting all the goss to post on the uni confessions page she runs the next morning.

Daphne – Exeter

Daphne is a Fiat 500 driving, Aperol Spritz drinking and Adidas Samba wearing Exeter girlie and there are no ifs or buts about it. She’d meet her boyfriend in TP during Fresher’s Week, take him back to her room (which is naturally decked out in Oliver Bonas’ finest) and then never speak to any of her other flatmates again. Definitely part of the equestrian society or polo club she’d study something like business management or education and take oat iced lattes to all of her lectures.

Cressida – Durham

Slightly mean but a massive girl boss, Cressida is just still bitter about not making it into Oxford or Cambridge and getting a load of grief from her parents about it. She’d be on all the society committees and have a ball planned every single week but always be arguing with people about the venues and refusing to step inside Klute afterwards.

She does all her food shops at M&S, absolutely living for the picky bits and Percy Pigs. But after kicking up a fuss for being put in a hill college rather than on The Bailey, she point blank refuses to walk home after night out and spends her entire loan on Ubers. All her lecturers are low-key scared of her.

Kate – Manchester

Bridgerton uni

Kate is a cool Manchester girlie through and through. She’d live in Fallowfield in second year but then move to her little flat in the Northern Quarter for third year. You would never catch her DEAD in Courtyard but instead would insist or taking you to all the small independent bars that no one’s ever heard of. You’ll literally never see her studying but she’ll always manage to get a first on every single essay. She’d always be dressed impeccably and carried a Sylvia Plath poetry book around with her to all of her lectures.

Violet – Cambridge

Bridgerton uni

Girl boss Violet would get into Cambridge just be being besties with her interviewer and spreading the goss. She wanted to apply because she heard about the College husband and wife system. So she meets Edmund in Fresher’s Week and they end up college husband and wife by the end of Michaelmas term but end up actually falling in love for real. They have lots of college children and of course, refer to them all in alphabetical names even though they already have their own names.

Lady Danbury – ‘School of Life’

Bridgerton uni

Lady Danbury is an icon and very smart but would claim that the lecturers at all the Russell Group unis simply have nothing to teach her. So when people ask her where she wants to uni she’d say the “school of life” and talk about her time volunteering for different charities, starting up her own business and all the boujee holidays she’s been on and what each of them taught her. She might fall victim to a pyramid scheme here and there, though.

Queen Charlotte – LSE

Bridgerton uni

Queen Charlotte has MONEY and so would fit right in with all the London School of Economics lot who rock up to their lectures decked out in Gucci, Chanel and Prada. You better believe she’s making it to the best dressed on campus every single week. She’d rather be caught dead than stay in student accommodation so would have a penthouse right by the uni and send her private secretary to sign in to all her 9ams so she can stay in bed with her pomeranian she snuck into her digs.

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