Young Sheldon finale

Young Sheldon producer reveals emotional way finale scene links back to very first episode

Feeling fragile right now

Hands up if you’re still feeling personally victimised by the Young Sheldon?? As if it wasn’t enough that it was the last ever episode but they really had to throw George’s death in there to twist the knife in.

But one of the most random parts of the finale is that Sheldon ends up getting baptised. Convinced that her kids would go to hell if they didn’t get baptised, Mary almost coerced the twins to do it. But while Missy backs out at the last minute, Sheldon actually pushes through, which is seemingly a surprising plot point.

But according to the show’s show runner Steve Molaro, the reason actually harks back to the very first episode of the show. In an interview with Variety, he said: “We were talking about after the funeral what happens. We know from Big Bang Theory that Mary is even more religious than her younger self, who was already pretty religious. So it felt like after the funeral, it would be very natural for Mary to throw herself into church even more. And that was sort of the beginning of her road to Big Bang Theory Mary.

Young Sheldon finale


“When we were talking about what could happen in the episode involving Sheldon getting ready to go [to Caltech], it felt really real that Mary was dragging her kids to church and in the wake of George Sr.’s death, was really worrying about their souls and their family.

“And Connor Kilpatrick, one of our writers, had pitched that because, in the Baptist church, you don’t get baptised until you’re a teenager and can choose it for yourself. That would be very important to Mary especially before she sent Sheldon off to college knowing that his soul was safe. It felt like a really believable drive to her. It felt like it gave you a moment at the end where Sheldon could echo the pilot or the early episodes where he said, ‘I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in you.’ And Missy’s anger and disillusionment at Dad dying, leaving her in a slightly more broken place, which is also a thing we know is true from Big Bang Theory.”

I’m so emotional right now.

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