hidden Bridgerton detail

So, someone noticed a hidden Bridgeton detail that shows how besotted Colin is with Penelope

And now I’m crying!

Even though we’ve only had half a season, everyone can tell how in love Penelope and Colin are and I’m obsessed. But someone on TikTok has noticed a hidden Bridgerton detail from one of the scenes that shows how he only has eyes for her.

@bianca.hwb on TikTok posted a clip of when Colin is in the brothel with the two women and noticed how he is literally unable to look at them and seems indifferent. This is right after the scene where he kisses Penelope.

The caption reads: “Anyone notice how Colin looked away from the women? As if looking at any other woman other than Penelope felt wrong to him. He went in there trying to forget about her, but in that moment it was clear, Penelope is the only woman he wants to see.”


Sorry this show is my whole personality till i get to binge watch the second half. #bridgerton #colinbridgerton #penelopefeatherington #polin #bridgertonnetflix

♬ original sound – Sophie 💠

Someone in the comments also added: “I think that kissing Penelope he felt something like ‘oh this is what it is supposed to feel like, what I was looking for my whole life’ and then with these two girls he realised the emptiness”.

So basically Colin went there so he could forget about his kiss and feelings for Penelope but his eyeline and the way he can’t even look at anyone else shows how besotted he is with her. Literal parents!

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