Young Sheldon Missy plot hole

Inside the massive Missy plot hole from Young Sheldon that’s causing debate on Reddit

What was going on here!?

Another day, another Young Sheldon plot hole has arrived. Since the show wrapped up two weeks ago, more and more plot holes seem to have emerged over the little details the show glanced over and fans on Reddit have been rapid to point them out and debate them. But whilst most of these Young Sheldon plot holes mostly centre around how the show missed a detail mentioned in The Big Bang Theory which was obviously established way before the prequel, this one is more just absolutely confusing. It’s all about Missy, and Reddit is kind of torn over this specific Young Sheldon plot hole.

Missy, we need answers

The plot hole basically centres on how Missy is working at the comic book store when she was about 12. A Reddit fan posted a screenshot of Missy on shift and asked “How did Missy get a job at the comic book store? Isn’t she like 11 or 12? Is that legal?” Erm, it certainly isn’t legal and it would be child labour, to be honest – but let’s get into the debate.

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Another fan clapped back against the plot hole that Missy would actually likely be 13 or 14, and that would be kind of fine in the years Young Sheldon was set. It was rural Texas in the 90s after all, and whilst she could hardly be running the show it would kind of be alright if her parents permitted her to work a few hours for some extra money.

One fan explained “There have been strict child labor laws since before that time, but I doubt that, at 13 years old, working a few hours per week with her parents’ permission was illegal in 1990s Texas. However, I also doubt that the store owner/manager would have been able to keep Missy for overtime without at least consulting her parents. I’m not entirely sure, though.”

Another just said “This is Texas, in the 90s. Labour laws are just suggestions.” Also, the Cooper family has a history of lying about their age – so makes complete sense Missy might just have been blagging it to get that bag. Fair play.

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