Young Sheldon trivia quiz

Prove you’re Young Sheldon’s number one fan by getting full marks in this hard trivia quiz

Are you smarter than Young Sheldon himself?

After seven seasons of Young Sheldon, there has been enough time for dedicated fans to learn their stuff. Those who are mega fans will have been watching the Big Bang Theory since it originally came out in 2007 – almost 20 years ago and Netflix’s Young Sheldon is the fun spin off prequel.

Young Sheldon on Netflix follows the child prodigy as he navigates childhood and early adolescence. Fans have watched Iain Armitage grow up playing the infamous character that is smart and misreads most social cues. Obviously, everyone is familiar with the character of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and die hard fans get to see even more of his journey in this show – with an incredibly sad ending in season seven.

But can you remember where the show was set? Surely that’s easy. OR, can you remember the exact films mentioned by Sheldon in season seven? Even harder, do you know who wrote the theme tune for the show? That’s one dor super fans only. This Young Sheldon trivia quiz tests who has been watching the show and those who have been scrolling on their phone at the same time.

So put your Young Sheldon trivia knowledge to the test and try to get full marks on this really hard quiz. We promise this isn’t a literal indication of your IQ in comparison to smart Sheldon. However, if you are a loyal fan then some of those smart braincells from Sheldon should have inspired you to pay attention and learn your facts!

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