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Omg, we finally know what Colin wrote about Penelope in his diary and now I’m weeping

‘My beloved Penelope. Perhaps the smartest person I have ever met besides Eloise’

So someone has decoded Colin’s diary entry from his travels when he was writing about Penelope and I’m not okay right now.

Obviously in the show there’s the scene of Penelope reading Colin’s diary and we get to hear a glimpse when she’s reading it out. But now Netflix has posted a new picture of him writing in his diary. And someone has decoded the fancy writing to see what he was writing about and it is RIDICULOUSLY cute.

The diary reads: “And then there is my friend Penelope. Perhaps the smartest person I have ever met besides Eloise. The two of them together would have so much to say about this city.” Stop it!

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Another extract from his diary is displayed at the Bridgerton Museum (yes, there is such a thing!) in Bucharest. And someone has trabnscribed it as: “June 19. Another day in paradise but things are truly starting to loose their luster. The libraries are are beginning to look like a graveyard. With old books and ancient things scattered around the room. The light are dimming. It is not that I an not keeping delightful company because I am but I miss my family now more than ever.

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“After my travels last year when I wrote so much anr received very few replies. I am trying out a new personality. A new way of seeing the world and interacting with others. I want to be less needy, less insecure, while still maintaining the core of my vulnerability that makes me who I am. I am a Bridgerton man.”

Absolutely obsessed.

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