Who’s dating and who’s hating: The Love Island All Stars couples nearly six months on

There’s a lot of hating x

It’s now been nearly six months since the Love Island: All Stars couples left the villa and tried to make their romances work in the real world. And I say “tried” because a lot of them, well, failed.

Since the show ended there have been pretty expected breakups, and a lot of salty digs and shocking splits to keep the Love Island drama going. Yes, some couples have lasted, but the majority sadly have not.

Here’s a rundown of which Love Island: All Stars couples are still together now, and what went down between those that split.

Molly and Tom – Still together

Winners Molly Smith and Tom Clare are of course still together. They’re officially girlfriend and boyfriend, have been on incredible holidays together and are enjoying the high life of being Love Island winners. They’ve moved in together, and met each other’s families.

Jess and Callum – Split

Love Island All Stars couples still together now

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Runners up Jess and Callum didn’t last very long, and it’s all turned a bit sour since. It was first reported they split in March after huge rows following the show, but then Jess accused Callum of cheating on her with Anna-May Robey who appeared on the winter series of Love Island last year.

Callum then clapped back and said: “I’ve seen articles saying I’ve cheated on Jess, but I would never disrespect her in that way. We never had a conversation to say we were exclusive.”

Sophie and Josh – Still together

Sophie and Josh were the first couple to make it official after Love Island: All Stars, steering well clear of any break up rumours. They are still together now, and posting all their loved-up adventures on Instagram.

The couple have said they’re still taking things slow and haven’t moved in together, but they do go on double dates with Sophie’s sister Rochelle and her husband Marvin Humes, and recently holidayed in Jamaica.

Georgia S and Toby – Split

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Just four weeks since making it to the Love Island: All Stars final, Georgia and Toby were reported to have split. Apparently Georgia was “gutted” and felt “blindsided” by the breakup.

Georgia then confirmed the news on Instagram, and said the split came as a “complete surprise” to her. “After seeing the reports regarding my relationship with Toby I feel it’s only right for me to be transparent and truthful with you all,” she said.

“It is true Toby has called things off. It has taken me by complete surprise and I’m still trying to process it and come to terms with it all. They say some people are in your life for a lifetime and some just for a chapter.”

Arabella and Adam – Split

Love Island All Stars couples still together now

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Arabella and Adam were the first to announce that since All Stars they had called off their brief romance. They hadn’t met up since being in the villa together, and a source said they tried to make it work but their busy careers “got in the way”.

But, don’t worry about it too much, Arabella is rumoured to be dating a Premiership footballer now, and Adam has been linked to fellow Love Island: All Star, Liberty Poole!

Georgia H and Anton – Split

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Why oh why must the All Stars hate each other so much when they split? Anton and Georgia really looked like they were making a go at it, but since they broke up have been making digs at one another pretty much daily. It was said the couple ended things because of distance, following rumours circulating about a possible split for weeks.

Then they started making salty digs and subtle nods at each other in Instagram posts, and, speaking to his mum on their podcast, Anton said: “In the press, a source said the distance was the issue. Now, we were in London every other week so I don’t think distance was the issue. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

“I just don’t think there was really that romantic spark there. We did both try. At times it was there, but just not enough for it to continue as a relationship.”

Demi and Luis – Split

Love Island All Stars couples still together now

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After leaving Love Island, Demi and Luis said they were planning dates together, and were going to continue to date after the show. But they confirmed they weren’t ever really a thing, just days after the show.

A source said: “They had a bit of holiday romance and did really get on, but Demi has a lot going on and decided it would be better to cool things off. They haven’t made a big deal about it because they are still mates and happy to hang out with the rest of the group still. There’s just nothing romantic there.”

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