His huge house to who he’s dating: Inside Buying London boss Daniel Daggers’ fancy life

He lives in a £1.2million home and hangs out at celeb hotspots

Did anyone else sit down to watch Buying London and expect to hate Daniel Daggers? I know it’s awful to admit, but the founder of a huge property company in London would be easy to dislike purely out of wanting his life. But, Daniel, you’re great. I tried so hard to be bitter and pick fault in his slightly wanky London character, but he’s ultimately just a very likeable person. Lock me up!

Maybe I’m under the spell, but Daniel seems like a nice guy, who cares about his staff and just happens to have a job we all wish we had too. He founded DDRE Global and is now mega successful from it, I have nothing but respect. We met his parents, he opened up about his want for a family and to settle down, and now I simply have to know all about his quest for love and happiness outside the Netflix show.

Here’s everything you need to know about Buying London boss Daniel Daggers, and his extremely fancy life outside the show.

Daniel Daggers in Buying London on Netflix

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Daniel Daggers is 44, and started his career selling studio flats

Daniel Daggers founded DDRE Global in 2020. He’s 44 now, and as he mentioned during Buying London, started out his real estate career selling studio flats worth around £100k. He’s now at the top of his game as the go-to luxury agent in London, with some of the capital’s most eye-wateringly expensive properties on his books.

Daniel grew up in housing estate in Maida Vale in West London. He went to a local private school on a scholarship, which in an interview with Tatler he described as a “rude awakening” from the upbringing he had. “They were dealing drugs, stealing and having a tough life,” he said about the children he grew up around.

Daniel now dubs himself “Mr Super Prime” – I hate it but sure – and sells millions in property ever year. Daniel’s achievements include winning Spear’s UK Property Advisor of the Year Award.

Before working in real estate, Daniel was a semi-pro footballer

On Buying London, Daniel Daggers briefly mentioned that he was a footballer. The Arsenal fan was semi-pro with Middlesex-based Hayes Town. He then, aged 17, broke his collarbone and was forced to change track, turning his hand to real estate. He worked at agency Knight Frank for 12 years before founding his own company.

Daniel doesn’t just sell gorgeous homes on Buying London, he lives in a home worth £1.2million

It’s not just in his work that Daniel sees beautiful homes – he lives in one too. He is reported to live in a £1.2million two-bed apartment in exclusive Little Venice, and he drives a top of the range Land Rover Discovery.

He describes himself as ‘low key’… but the staff at Chiltern Firehouse know him by name

In an interview with Tatler, Daniel Daggers described his life as “low key” but admitted the staff at celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse know him by name.

“The staff know him and he knows them: He’s a regular at the bar for a Diet Coke and on the terrace for a margherita pizzette,” the interview explains. “Here, he is in his zone – we all know this is socialite heaven.”

After Buying London, it appears Daniel Daggers is still single

So, after him meeting up with his parents during a cute dinner shown on Buying London, we all want to know if Daniel Daggers did turn some of his attention off work and onto his private life. It appears he is still single, or at least hasn’t shared anyone he’s dating with the rest of the world just yet.

Daniel Daggers has a huge net worth

Daniel is the founder and boss of DDRE Global, so it’s no surprise his is the highest of all the net worths estimated for the Buying London agents. The tycoon has sold over £5billion worth of property in London, and has a reported worth of over £100million.

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