Bridgerton Olivia Rodrigo

Deleted Bridgerton scene shows Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor was supposed to be in season three

We were robbed!

We all know that the soundtrack of Bridgerton is genuinely one of the best parts of it. I can’t share my cute little Spotify Wrapped every single year because the Bridgeton soundtrack is always bloody on it.

But it turns out there is a deleted scene from Bridgerton season three featuring another classical cover that we were fully robbed of, and it’s none other than Olivia Rodrigo.

Someone posted a clip of the deleted scene on TikTok and it shows a ball scene, soundtracked to Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo.


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♬ original sound – sourarchive

The caption says: “Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo was supposed to be in season three of Bridgerton but this scene was cut from the show.” I’m having words with the director right now. Everyone in the comments of the video is fully losing their minds because what a crossover. One person said: “YOU’RE KIDDING ME” and someone else added: “You betrayed me Bridgerton!”

It’s unclear which part of the show the song was supposed to play in and the video is hard to make out who in particular is dancing. It could perhaps be when Colin is flirting with other women at the start of she show.

But someone in the comments did mention that it could still be a possibility for part two of season three so I’m keeping all my fingers crossed for that. imagine it playing when Colin finds out Pen is Lady Whistledown?? I would lose my mind.

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Featured image via Netflix and TikTok.