It’s time! First look at Love Island 2024 tonight reveals huge twist that shocks the villa

The chaos has already started!

A first look at Love Island 2024 is finally here, and we now know all about the huge twist that will shock the villa tonight. Yes, we can finally say the show is back TONIGHT.

For a while, Love Island has been teasing that the villa will be back with a bang, and that the Islanders coupling up for the first time won’t be as straight forward as it usually is. Now, in a preview for the first episode of Love Island 2024, we can finally see what that will look like.

Tonight, a new batch of sexy singles are arriving in paradise to play the ultimate game of love. Up first is Nicole and Ayo, who make their way into the villa. Nicole and Ayo raise a glass to be this year’s first Islanders and it isn’t long before the next three Islanders make their entrance – Jess, Sean and Sam.

Love Island 2024 first look

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Up next is Mimii and Samantha, who start getting to know their fellow Islanders. Patsy, Ronnie and Ciaran then arrive at the villa followed by the final two Islanders, Munveer and Harriett.

This year’s Islanders waste no time in getting to know one another, discussing their types and relationship history. The Islanders are getting to know one another as host Maya Jama makes her entrance.

Maya says: “Welcome to Love Island. It’s lovely to meet you guys but I think we should have a little game to get things going.”

Love Island 2024 first look

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The Islanders follow Maya as they split into boys and girls. Maya says: “You’ve already started getting to know each other so you guys have had enough time for first impressions, right? First impressions count. Boys and girls, I now want you to rate each other in order of who you think has come across the most like boyfriend and girlfriend material, right down to who has given the least relationship vibes.”

The girls then gather and organise the boys from most to least on who they think is boyfriend material. Soon, it’s the boys time to place the girls from most to least on who they think is girlfriend material. And their decision immediately ruffles feathers…

Maya says: “Well, that was very interesting. I bet you’re wondering how we’re going to couple you up. Well, you’ve done it yourselves!” The girls will couple up with the boy who is placed in the same position as them on the most-to-least scale. But where have the Islanders placed one another and who are our first six couples?

Love Island 2024 first look

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Later, Maya Jama returns to the villa and gathers the Islanders at the fire pit. She asks the Islanders about their first day in paradise and how they’re getting on in their couples.

Maya then says: “It’s good to see you’re all settled in but as you know, you’re on Love Island. You must always expect the unexpected.” But what does this Love Island first mean for the rest of the Islanders?

It’s back big time!

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