There’s actually a really cute reason Pitbull was used as the Bridgerton carriage scene song

Who knew the lyrics could be so romantic?

It turns out there was a really sweet reason Pitbull was chosen as the song to play in the background of the carriage scene during Bridgerton season three. The romanticising of Give Me Everything is sending me, to be honest.

When we all saw Pitbull on the list of orchestra covers used in Bridgerton season three, we lost the plot a little bit. Turning Mr Worldwide himself into a Regency London bop? I’m here for it. But it seems as though creators of the show really studied the pop lyrics and chose the song because of how well it represents Colin and Penelope’s journey together.

The carriage scene comes right at the end of season three part one, and sees Colin and Pen finally give into their desires and share *a moment* together. Speaking to Variety, show runner Jess Brownell said Give Me Everything and its lyrics “work perfectly” for the scene, and are reflective of the situation Polin found themselves in.

Pitbull used for Bridgerton season three carriage scene

via Netflix

“I didn’t pick a lot of the songs, but I weirdly picked the Pitbull song. I never thought I would pick a Pitbull song for a sexy moment, but the build of it just works perfectly,” she said. “It’s a tricky balance because you hope that people aren’t taken out of the scene by going like, ‘Wait a second, it’s Pitbull?!'”

The words in particular that reflect our fav duo are: “I’m a make you feel so good, tonight, cause we might not get tomorrow”. The song was chosen because of this, reflecting on how Colin and Penelope have suddenly given into their chemistry, and need to share their love now, before they miss the chance to.

In the book Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, that season three is based on, author Julia Quinn wrote: “Tomorrow would be awful, knowing that he would find some other woman with whom to laugh and joke and even marry. But today…. Today was hers. And by God, she was going to make this a kiss to remember.”

I’m obsessed with Pitbull being a lyrical and romantic genius?!

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