Stop what you’re doing because round one of the Cardiff BNOC voting is open

It’s time to have your say

We asked for nominations, you guys delivered, and now it’s time to vote. We’ve done the hard part and sifted through over 100 nominations, and now you get to crown your official Cardiff BNOC of 2024.

Voting will be in three rounds of four candidates, and your job is to choose your biggest BNOC in each round. The winner of each round will be sent into the final. Don’t worry if you don’t see your nominee here – there’s two more rounds to come, so keep your eyes peeled. Let’s meet the contestants.

AJ Lumley, third year journalism and communications, Cardiff Uni

AJ was nominated for being all over TikTok, as well as setting up the SU’s Q night, dedicated to LGBTQ+ students.

Most embarrassing club story: “Shamelessly flirting with Nicolle every time I go Kings”

Favourite study spot: The Taf

Why he deserves the title of BNOC: “1. I didn’t just nominate myself, 2, trans representation and 3. because I singlehandedly keep uni market funded”

Ethan Barrow, fifth year dentistry, Cardiff Uni

Juice gold-card-holder Ethan was nominated for his impressive record of attending over 92 per cent of SU nights, as well as his dedication to getting on stage at any opportunity, from Oktoberfest to Dentistry Take Me Out.

Most embarrassing club story: “I once woke up in a girls bed after a Wednesday night not knowing how I got there, went to get dressed to leave and forgot it was a charity shop social and I was wearing a ladies top which was done up at the back. So I had to sneak out and walk back across Cathays with my top on back to front”

Favourite study spot: ASSL

Why he deserves the title of BNOC: “I’ve been a member of the hockey club and a frequent visitor to the SU for the past five years amassing a few mates along the way”

Jodie Speller, first year primary education, Cardiff Met

Having been at both Cardiff Uni and Cardiff Met, it’s safe to say Jodie is pretty well known around Cathays. She was nominated for “losing Fight Night in front of 2,500 people and knowing about 2,000 of them”.

Most embarrassing club story: “Either being kicked out of Revs on Fight Night knowing I had to work there the next day or singing karaoke to the whole of Revs main room on stage with Chef Dave”

Favourite study spot: “Studying – what’s that?”

Why she deserves the title of BNOC: “I have a bad relationship with losing after getting TKOed at Fight Night in front of thousands of people, can’t take another public L”

Hannah Cadle, third year marine geography, Cardiff Uni

Our final nominee for this round, Hannah is rumoured to have never missed a YOLO, and “physically cannot walk down the street without having to stop and talk to someone”

Most embarrassing club story: “I ended up in a 12 bed hostel after a night out in Circuit”

Favourite study spot: The Main Library

Why she deserves the title of BNOC: “I’m known as crazy curly haired Hannah”

So, what are you waiting for – get voting!

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