Eloise and Penelope Bridgerton

Their friendship is everything, so do Eloise and Penelope make up in the Bridgerton books?

I’m gonna need season three part two to fix everything

Forget Penelope and Colin, the best duo in Bridgerton has to be the friendship between Penelope and Eloise. And the fact that they’re in a big fallout this season is literally killing me. In the trailer we see Eloise confront Penelope after her engagement to Colin. But when will they make up? Do they even make up at all? And does Eloise expose Pen for being Lady Whistledown? Here’s what happens in the books:

So, Eloise and Penelope’s story is actually very different in the show from the book, because they never actually fall out. Their feud isn’t featured in the book and was added at the end of season two of the show.

In the books, Eloise and Penelope actually only address the big Whistledown reveal in the second epilogue to Romancing Mister Bridgerton. Penelope and Eloise’s books happen at the same time, and Eloise actually left town before the ton found out about Lady Whistledown. Penelope eventually confesses to Eloise, but it turns out she already knows because Hyacinth told her.

And instead of being mad about it and falling out like they do in the show, book Eloise tells Penelope how proud she is of her. Adorable.

Eloise and Penelope Bridgerton

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BUT all hope is not lost for finding out whether they make up or not because in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Bridgerton’s showrunner Jess Brownell addressed the whole thing and called  Penelope and Eloise’s friendship as “the secondary love story of the season.”

Hinting at a happy ending for them, she said: “Anything could happen. I think their friendship is very much the secondary love story of the season. And while it was important for us to see what growth could happen from each of them while they were separate, we’re very invested in happy endings. So, what exactly that looks like, I’ll leave to be seen.” Thank GOD.

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