An Islander has already been axed and quit the villa with ‘tears around the firepit’ TONIGHT

How is Love Island 2024 providing so much drama already?!

Tonight it looks as though Love Island is going to turn up the heat already. We’re all still reeling from the entrance of reality TV legend Joey Essex, but just as the villa gets used to him being there, it’s been reported an Islander has been dumped!

The villa is left shocked at the arrival of Love Island’s first celebrity contestant, Joey Essex. Nicole says: “No, this isn’t happening!” Maya assures the Islanders: “He’s not a passing visit, he’s actually here.” Joey replies: “Staying here for good baby.”

Maya says: “Joey, you have six gorgeous girls in front of you. Do you like what you see?” Joey says: “I do like what I see.” She then tells Joey he has 24 hours to get to know the girls, before he will have to steal one of them. Speaking in the Beach Hut, Mimii says: “Joey Essex might be the biggest plot twist to happen on Love Island.”

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The girls waste no time in getting together for a debrief on tonight’s events. Nicole says, “Girls. Hands up if you fancy Joey Essex.” But which of the girls are interested in getting to know Joey more?

Later, it’s time for the first Love Island game of the series – a classic game of dares with a twist. Each Islander will pick a phone out of the box and whoever’s phone it is will have to complete a dare. Mimii is dared to snog the Islander she’d rather be coupled up with. Mimii heads over to Ayo and the pair kiss. Reflecting on it in the Beach Hut, Mimii says: “I’ll give him his accolades – it was a good kiss.”

Harriett is then dared to perform a lap dance for an Islander, choosing current partner Ciaran and ending her performance by planting a kiss on his lips. New arrival Joey is dared to kiss three Islanders of his choice and chooses Samantha, Harriett and Nicole to snog.

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Samantha is dared to kiss the Islander who she had an instant connection with and wastes no time in leaning in for a smooch with Ronnie. Ronnie is then dared to kiss the two Islanders who he thinks has the best bodies choosing Jess and Harriett, leaving Samantha less than impressed.

Jess and Ronnie head to the terrace for a chat. Jess says: “I’m happy with how things are going. I’m not going to complain.” Ronnie says: “First kiss done.”

Jess says, “What do you rate it out of ten?” and Ronnie gives her a solid 9.6. The pair then kiss again! Could this be the start of a blossoming romance or have Jess or Ronnie got eyes for other Islanders?

The next day, Joey is keen to get to know all the girls more. Jess and Mimii ask Joey what his game plan is for the day. Joey says: “My game plan is just to get to know everyone really, I want to get to know all the girls on a personal level and who I vibe with most.”

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Later that evening the Islanders gather around the fire pit. Joey receives a text which reads: “Joey, it’s now time to make your decision.” Joey says: “It’s obviously been tough because I have got to know all of you girls on a nice level. And obviously got to know all you boys on a cool level – I feel like we’re tight and we’re getting on well but this is Love Island….” Who will Joey decide to couple up with?

It’s been reported that the decision Joey makes in tonight’s episode will lead to an Islander being axed from the villa – and they’ve already been dumped. A villa source told The Sun: “The Islanders were all in shock when it happened. They thought Joey coming in was the only twist.

“Nobody was expecting a dumping to happen so soon. The dumped star was gutted they hardly got to spend any time in the villa and feels like they’ve been cheated of the whole experience. There were tears around the firepit. The Islanders haven’t known each other long but this has sent them reeling. It shows that bosses aren’t messing around this series and they need to expect the unexpected.”


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