All the burning questions The Big Bang Theory left us with that Young Sheldon answered

Sheldon’s hatred for engineering might actually be valid

Although The Big Bang Theory covered such a huge time span in its 12 season run, many questions, inside jokes and secrets go unanswered at the end of the show. Being one of the most interesting characters, it’s no surprise that most of these mysteries relate back to Sheldon in some way.

Viewers theorised for years until the release of Young Sheldon, and fans were finally given the conclusions they wanted. Now we know the real reason why Sheldon hated engineering, why he never learns to drive, and what inspired him to study at Caltech, despite having almost any university available to him. Many of the show’s biggest puzzles were finally solved in the heartwarming prequel, so  here’s a list of all the unanswered questions from The Big Bang Theory that were finally answered in Young Sheldon.

Sheldon’s obsession with comics

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It’s no secret that Sheldon is rarely seen without a superhero T-shirt in The Big Bang Theory, so when exactly did he discover this interest? In a season one episode of Young Sheldon, he spots his friend Tam reading a comic book and tells him that they are for kids. Yet when he is dragged to a psychiatrist’s office, he is taken by a copy of X-Men. It doesn’t take long before he too ends up at a comic book store, looking for the follow-up issue. The rest is history!

How Sheldon ended up at Caltech

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Sheldon reveals early on in The Big Bang Theory that he started his university journey at just 14, and his history with Caltech goes way back. He visits the university in season three of Young Sheldon, and instantly claims that “I can see myself going here one day”. Even though Sheldon had his pick of the litter when applying for grad schools, Caltech was his perfect match, and it makes sense that he stayed given how much he hates change. Before he made his choice, he even considered MIT, which his adult self would look down upon now.

In a hilarious scene arriving to Boston Logan airport in heavy snow, Sheldon and his dad step outside into the torrential weather, and instantly confirm his decision to go to Caltech. I’m sure the sunny Californian climate had nothing to do with it.

His hatred for engineering

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Throughout The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon expresses strong feelings of distaste towards engineers, which fans have always been confused by given his scientific interests. The true motive behind this distaste is revealed in season five, episode seven, where Sheldon finds himself stumped by his scathing engineering professor’s assignment. He is academically bested like never before, and viewers theorised that this moment is where his hatred for engineering was born.

This gets further emphasised in season four, when Sheldon becomes a lab assistant to Dr. Linkletter while he was doing research. Although Sheldon is excited to be participating in real science, he quickly learns that assistants end up doing the work that nobody else wants to do. While scrubbing off the grease of 473 bolts, Sheldon moans that it’s a “tedious menial part that could be performed by a monkey, or worse, an engineer” and from there we have the origins of countless digs that Howard remembers all too well.

Georgie’s interest in tyres

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In The Big Bang Theory, we see that Georgie owns a successful tyre business and that he and Sheldon did not stay close after childhood. Georgie’s interest in tyres is peaked in the ending of a season two episode of Young Sheldon. Inspired by the pottery scene of Ghost, we see Georgie communing with a tyre to try and find the leak. Both his father and Herschel, the shopkeeper, stand in shock as Georgie clearly seems to have some sort of passion for tyres. It’s no wonder he ends up being so successful later in life.

Sheldon’s huge fear of hospitals

Young Sheldon unanswered questions

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Sheldon’s fear of hospitals can borderline count as a phobia. He is terrified of visiting and viewers have laughed endlessly at his ridiculous schemes to avoid catching germs. However, his humorous behaviour in The Big Bang Theory may have sadder origins – like visiting his dad in the hospital after a heart attack in season one of Young Sheldon. The episode is very emotional, and even ends with Sheldon praying in a desperate attempt for some reassurance. It’s scenes like these that show just how great Young Sheldon can really be.

Why Sheldon never learns to drive

Young Sheldon unanswered questions

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One of the most inconvenient hurdles for Sheldon and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory was Sheldon’s inability to drive, resulting in the group of friends ferrying him around everywhere. But, as a genius, what were the true origins behind Sheldon’s unwillingness to take his driving test? The truth is revealed in season one, episode three when Georgie crashes the family car with both Sheldon and Missy inside on the way to the hospital to see their father. Sheldon, being nine years old, describes being permanently scarred by this experience and opts to never get behind the wheel himself.

The Cooper family home

Young Sheldon unanswered questions

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Many fans may have realised that the Cooper family home set used in The Big Bang Theory is completely different to the childhood home featured in Young Sheldon. The answer to this is revealed in the final episode of the prequel, where an adult Sheldon, who is writing his memoir, reflects on his family moving out shortly after the death of his father, George. In a bittersweet closing moment, Sheldon recounts memorising the entire house with his eidetic memory, so he can remember the exact home where he grew up whenever he wants to. Looks like he does have a heart after all.

Sheldon’s future post-TBBT

Young Sheldon unanswered questions

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While most viewers agree that The Big Bang Theory wrapped itself up nicely, the finale of Young Sheldon gave fans an extra tidbit of closure. Not only did the show fill in the blanks between Sheldon’s childhood and adulthood, but we also got to find out that Sheldon went on to have two children, one of whom he named Leonard. How adorable!

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