Harriett Blackmore from before Love Island 2024

A video of Harriett way before Love Island has emerged and she looks so different it’s wild

She’s casually vlogging with Saffron Barker

A video of Harriett Blackmore way before her Love Island 2024 days has emerged, and she looks wildly different.

When she entered the villa, Harriett described herself as the “it girl of Brighton” with connections such as Arrdee and Saffron Barker, and in the video she’s vlogging with Saffron, who is one of her close friends.

In the full video, shared to Saffron’s YouTube channel, Saffron had been challenging herself to living in her car for 24-hours. In those hours, she visited Harriett to show her the setup. The girls climbed into the car together, and I say climbed because Saffron managed to get her entire bed in the back, and ordered a pizza together.

The video is from five years ago and Harriett is 24 now, so would have been around 19 when it was filmed. The clip has been shared to TikTok, and people are going wild for how different Harriett in particular looks.


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“She even sounds sooo different,” one person said in the comments. “Nah that’s acc a different person,” another said. One other person said there is “no way that’s the same girl” as who we’re seeing on Love Island 2024.

She does look completely different – now with a different hair and makeup vibe. It also appears that her lips are much fuller now, so she may have had filler in the past.

Watch the full clip of Harriett before Love Island from Saffron’s YouTube channel here:

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