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Most iconic Modern Family celebrity cast cameos ranked by how outrageous they are

Lin-Manuel Miranda what are you doing here?!

Modern Family already has a great core lineup of characters, but some of the celebrity cast cameos are insanely outrageous. Even if they just appear for one small scene they can make a big impact on the whole episode and have usually been put in slightly outrageous situations.

From the mastermind behind Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda who plays a slightly deranged salesman, to the queen of romantic comedies Leslie Mann here are all the iconic Modern Family celebrity cast cameos ranked.

8. Judy Greer as Denise

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Judy Greer is a Hollywood icon who has appeared as the ditzy secretary in Arrested Development and the Planet of The Apes franchise. Judy played one of Phil’s ex-girlfriends, Denise, who he had been inadvertently flirting with over text in classic Phil style. Claire is convinced she’s trying to get back with Phil and to prove her wrong he invites Denise over, and obviously Claire ends up being right.

This appearance compared to the other cast cameos wasn’t as outrageous as it could have been. Whilst she does nail the role of being a crazy ex it doesn’t feel quite as iconic as the others.

7. Leslie Mann as Katie

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Leslie Mann is the master of romantic comedies, appearing in classics like Knocked Up and This is 40. She has a celebrity cast cameo in Modern Family as Katie who Cameron flirts with in order to win a bet against Mitch.

In a classic Modern Family miscommunication Cameron then thinks she’s actually romantically interested in him, whilst Katie knows full well he’s gay and just wants a gay best friend. Sadly we don’t see her character again which is a shame.

6. Stephanie Beatriz as Sonia

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Casting someone to match Gloria’s craziness could have been a challenge, but Stephanie Beatriz was the perfect choice to play her sister Sonia. She has a recurring cameo throughout the seasons, and is constantly trying to sabotage Jay and Gloria’s relationship.  Overall she gives off a very similar vibe to her character Rosa in Brooklyn 99.

5. James Marsden as Barry

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James Marsden is the type of celebrity I instantly recognise but always forget what I’ve actually seen him in, although I do know he appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog so there’s that. He plays the role of Barry in Modern Family, a random stranger Mitch and Cam find in their hot tub one night and mistakenly assume lives upstairs from them. They soon find out he’s actually homeless and living in Lily’s princess castle which isn’t creepy at all. Bonus points for a very weird storyline.

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda as Guillermo

Via Netflix

It wouldn’t be Lin-Manuel Miranda without randomly appearing as a very zany character. He was cast in the cameo role of Guillermo in Modern Family and after Gloria meets him at the grocery store he pitches his weird ideas for training dogs to Jay. Understandably it doesn’t go great for him.

3. Josh Gad as Kenneth Ploufe

Via Netflix

Every time I rewatch Modern Family I always forget Josh Gadd makes a surprise appearance as Kenneth, who was a former neighbour of the Dunphy family. Josh Gadd is most known for his roles as Olaf in Frozen and in Beauty and The Beast, but in the sitcom he plays a tech billionaire who surprises Phil with a trip to space. If you need an accurate depiction of a tech bro then you won’t get a much better one than this.

2. Jordan Peele as Derrick

Via Netflix

Jordan Peele’s cameo in this episode makes it feel like a fun Key and Peele sketch and really brings out the more lighthearted and comedic side of Jay’s character. After Jordan’s character Derrick and Jay fight over a parking space they eventually team up together and become volunteer cop partners, patrolling the fairground in a golf cart. It’s genuinely one of the most entertaining celebrity cameos and his ‘death’ scene deserves an Oscar.

1. Matthew Broderick as Dave

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Matthew Broderick’s claim to fame is appearing in the iconic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off film and this episode is undoubtedly one of the wildest Phil miscommunication moments.

Unbeknownst to Phil, Dave is actually gay and looking to get into a new relationship and after meeting at the gym Phil invites him over for a boy’s night. Dave then thinks Phil is flirting with him, whilst Phil just obliviously keeps making things worse in classic Phil-style. It’s a trainwreck of an episode but in the best way.

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