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Sara finally admits the savage real reason she didn’t let Tim see her phone on MAFS

Yikes, I hope Tim doesn’t see this!

MAFS Australia might be over but in her first bombshell interview since leaving the show, Sara has revealed the shocking real reason why she didn’t let Tim see her phone. During one phone challenge cast members were asked to let their partner look through their phones and Sara refused to let Tim look through hers.

From secretly texting her ex to Tahnee Cook revealing she was also messaging Ollie Skelton, there have been a lot of rumours about why she didn’t participate in the challenge. But in a new interview on the So Dramatic! podcast Sara has finally set the record straight on what really went down.


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Host Megan asked Sara: “The infamous phone swap task where you didn’t want to hand your phone over to Tim, why were you so against that?”

Sara responded: “I’d known the guy for two weeks! It’s plain and simple, a phone is a very private thing. Tim and I had just had the most tumultuous honeymoon, of course, I was sitting there and texting my mum and my friends being like ‘I need to leave, I hate this dude.’ You say the most rogue sh*t to your friends and your mum, you’re venting. I think at the end of the day Tim and I were in a good place and I thought ‘if he reads these messages he will be really upset.'” Yikes, that would have made for some juicy drama though.

She then explained she thought the producers were deliberately trying to create drama by introducing the phone challenge, adding: “They want to make it tumultuous. You’re not going to give them the ammo to have some sort of storyline.”

As for the backlash she received for refusing to participate in the MAFS Australia phone challenge, Sara admitted: “People need to put themselves in your shoes. You’re strangers. You’re not in a committed relationship. If I was in a committed relationship with my partner I would say ‘take my phone, look through all my messages and pictures’ but I don’t know this guy.”


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However, there could be another reason why Sara didn’t want Tim to see her phone, as she was apparently messaging an ex-MAFS groom. MAFS Australia alumni Tahnee Cook previously revealed Sara was messaging her then-boyfriend Ollie Skelton whilst she was on the show. She explained: “I know I wouldn’t love someone going through my phone just because I have embarrassing stuff that I wouldn’t want to explain, so I can understand.

“So I can understand why with someone you’ve just met, like do you want to be sharing all that stuff in there, but I know Sara was messaging Ollie [Skelton] and she wasn’t saying the nicest things about Tim. Maybe she actually didn’t want certain stuff to be shown because obviously he’s going to have his insecurities about why, because at the end of the day if someone really wants to go through it, let them go through it, if you don’t have nothing to hide.”

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