So, here’s how to vote in the Genny Lec whilst moving out of your student house

When you’re moving out on the 3rd but need to vote on the 4th

The upcoming general election on Thursday 4th July comes at an awkward time for students with many leases starting and ending during election week. As an address is needed to fill in the standard voter registration form, it is hard to know which one to put and how to vote if you are moving house during the election period. With the term being over and accommodation up in the air, it can be difficult to know how to vote or even where to do it.

However, this predicament does not stop you from being able to vote and there are still options available to you. Don’t let the chaos of moving make you miss your chance to vote.

The electoral commission has said: “If an elector moves house before the deadline, they should ensure that they re-register at their new address before the deadline. Until any application at their new address has been processed, an elector’s registration at their old address may still be in place, allowing them to vote in respect of that address.”

The deadline is on the 18th June so if your move-in date to your new address is after this you should register to vote with your current address. If you move in before then, you should update it on the electoral register and vote from this address.

However, being between leases also means you may not have accommodation on election day and will struggle to get to the polling booth.

In order to combat this, students can firstly register to vote in both their term-time and non-term-time addresses. This means you can choose whether to vote at university or at home. Voting at home could be an option for students who won’t have an address at university during the election. However, if you would still like to vote in your university constituency, you have the option to.

Another way to do this is to apply for a postal vote. This means if your lease ends days before the election, you can vote ahead of time receiving your postal ballot in advance. You can apply for a postal vote by visiting the website of your electoral registration office which you can find here. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is the 19th June at 5pm but the sooner the better. Postal voting packs are sent out around 10 days before polling day.

Additional, you can also apply for a vote by proxy, here you register to have a trusted person vote on your behalf. This means that they can vote in your place on election day. Your proxy must also be registered to vote in the same area. Having already registered to vote, you must apply for a proxy vote before 5pm on the 26th June.

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