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The producer of Young Sheldon has explained the baffling reason why the show ended

We needed more seasons!

After seven incredible seasons, the Young Sheldon producers made the heartbreaking decision to end the show despite it still being extremely popular. If it was up to me I would have happily watched a lot more seasons of the series but both the producers felt that it was the right time to end it. The last few episodes depicted the emotional off-screen death of Sheldon’s father George as well as Sheldon preparing to leave for Caltech University.

However, not all of the cast members agreed with the decision as Annie Potts who plays Meemaw slammed the choice as a “stupid decision move” with Ian Armitage adding that the cast “could have done a lot more.” So, whether you think it was the right to end the sitcom or not, here’s the baffling reason why the producers decided to end Young Sheldon after season seven.

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Executive producer Steve Holland explained during a panel: “There are certain things we know happened in Sheldon’s life at 14. We started talking about the future of show, and what it looked like. This is the right time for this story to come to an end, knowing that at 14, he goes off to Cal Tech. It felt like the right time to end it strong while it was on top.”

Cast member Annie Potts strongly disagrees with the choice to end the show when they did, admitting in an interview with Variety: “This one was especially hard because I was completely unprepared. I was shocked. I mean, the number one show on network TV, number one on Netflix. We’re, I think, all that people watch on TikTok besides a couple of recipes for pasta. It just seemed like such a stupid business move. Forgive me, but I don’t know. If a show is starting to drag or lag or have a lack of stories or whatever, then you kind of see it coming. We were totally ambushed by this. I was, anyway.”

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Her fellow Young Sheldon cast member co-star Iain Armitage added, “I totally get what Annie means. It’s also just hard in a really weird way that I can only really see if I step back and try and take a global view, which is hard. I mean, I’m not going to get to see Annie Potts every day. This is a real loss for me. More than anyone. I definitely think we could have done a lot more.”

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