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There’s a theory Hyacinth has predicted every Bridgerton romance so far and I’m here for it

Somehow she even hinted at a Polin romance

The Bridgertons are more often than not the last ones to realise that they are in love: They will plan elaborate fake dating schemes, court the love of their life’s sister, and even assist them in finding another husband before they admit their true feelings to themselves. Love seems to surprise them completely out of the blue. Even Francesca, who has debuted into society for her the first time in season three, is finding herself drawn to John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin. He will no doubt “take her by surprise” in the second part of season three, and she has already given the “I don’t like him like that even though I’m secretly in love with him” treatment.

While these pairings seem glaringly obvious to viewers, we all know the Bridgertons take their sweet time piecing things together – except from Hyacinth, that is. Viewers adore the younger Bridgertons, but they aren’t simply there for filler until it’s time to tell their story. Fans have noticed that Hyacinth seems to have an inkling at the beginning of each season, suggesting that she sees the chemistry between the blossoming couple before anybody else. Hyacinth and her Bridgerton predictions are yet to be wrong as it seems she is always prodding them along the right path from the drawing room.

One user on X recognised how Hyacinth slowly moves the plot along by forcing the doting Bridgerton in question to consider their feelings towards the love interest. They wrote: “Hyacinth always hitting the mark” and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more.

More specifically, fans pointed out that in season one, Hyacinth asks Daphne “what about the Duke?” after her sister gushes over Prince Friedrich at a boxing match she attended. It didn’t go unnoticed that the young Bridgerton didn’t want her older sister to forget about the gorgeous Duke of Hastings.

And if you’re up to date with Bridgerton, you’ll know the two end up having a passionate romance and are married by the end of the season, and who could have known that before anybody else? Hyacinth, that’s who.

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This type of foreshadowing on Hyacinth’s part isn’t just a one off. Again in season two, she asks Anthony, “What about Miss Edwina’s sister?”, as she wonders if Kate will move in with the Bridgertons now that Anthony is engaged to her sister. Viewers knew all too well that the tension between Kate and Anthony was undeniable at this point, but the Bridgertons themselves were mostly in the dark. It seems that, once again, Hyacinth proved herself to be among the more eagle-eyed characters of the show. Her and Lady Whistledown would certainly get along!

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In both cases, the Bridgerton siblings seemed startled when faced with Hyacinth’s comments, as if she’s just pointed out a piercing truth that they don’t want to admit to themselves. Although she never says anything directly, fans agree that just placing the idea in their heads must have played a major part in their eventual realisation of their feelings.

What about season three? Many users on X predicted she’d give Colin the same treatment and ask him “What about Penelope?” in classic Hyacinth fashion, though perhaps that would be too obvious to repeat again. She instead commented on the pair’s friendship, saying “I think Penelope is quite fortunate to have you as a friend”, which fans have deemed much more “personal and sentimental” to their relationship.

Although her season is still many years away, it looks like Hyacinth and her predictions in Bridgerton are always correct, meaning she’s an important character to keep an eye on to prove all of your Bridgerton theories true.

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