All the hidden meanings behind the jewellery the characters in Bridgerton each wear

Absolutely nothing in this show is done by accident

Season three of Bridgerton has been filled with hidden meanings. From why certain characters dress the way they do, to subtle parts of the show that actually hint at much bigger storylines. But it turns out the hidden meanings have been staring us in the face since Bridgerton season one – in the form of the jewellery all the different characters wear.

Each piece is a carefully crafted masterpiece, reflecting the wearer’s personality, social status, and the intricate plot developments that unfold throughout the series.

Blake Asaad, founder of GOODSTONE, says the series weaves a tapestry of love, scandal, and ambition, with each jewel adding layers to the narrative. “The hidden meanings behind Bridgerton’s jewels offer a glimpse into the hearts and minds of its characters, reminding us that true wealth lies not in the glitter of gold or the sparkle of diamonds, but in the richness of the human spirit.”

Here’s a complete breakdown of the hidden meanings behind the jewellery throughout all seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix.

The Debutante’s diamond necklace

Bridgerton jewellery hidden meanings

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Let’s start with the iconic diamond necklace worn by Daphne Bridgerton, the first season’s debutante. Its delicate yet dazzling design not only showcases her family’s wealth and status, but also symbolises her journey from an innocent young woman to a confident, self-assured Duchess.

The Featheringtons’ facade of opulence

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On the other hand, the bold and striking jewels adorned by Lady Featherington and her daughters, such as the emerald and diamond parure, speak volumes about their desire to maintain a facade of opulence and social standing, despite their precarious financial situation.

The contrasting styles of the Bridgerton sisters

Bridgerton jewellery hidden meanings

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The jewellery worn by the Bridgerton sisters, Eloise and Francesca, offers an interesting contrast. Eloise, the rebellious and outspoken sister, often opts for simpler, more understated pieces that reflect her independent spirit and disdain for societal conventions.

Francesca, on the other hand, embraces the elegance and sophistication of the era with her delicate pearl and diamond jewellery, showcasing her more traditional and refined nature.

Penelope’s modest charms

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Penelope Featherington, the shy and unassuming wallflower, also has her own unique jewellery style. Her modest yet charming pieces, such as the delicate cameo brooch or the simple pearl earrings, mirror her unassuming demeanour and her struggle to find her place in the high society of Regency London.

Colin’s gift to Violet

Bridgerton jewellery hidden meanings

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The cute gift Colin gave to his mother when he returned from travelling was also an item of jewellery, and had a huge sentimental meaning behind it. Colin handed Violet her gift, and she opened up a box containing a watch. This represents his late father, Edmund Bridgerton.

Edmund always wore a similar watch, and time stopped for Violet after her died. Having the son who most resembles him give her a clock also symbolises time starting back up again for her and this is the season she starts having romantic feelings again.

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