Tonight the Love Island girls are divided in bitter row and one is at risk of being DUMPED

The episode has been called the ‘most dramatic ever’ with TWO huge arguments

Tonight it looks as though the Love Island 2024 villa is going to explode, as there are huge arguments among the Islanders, and Uma’s arrival leaves one of the girls at risk of being dumped.

The episode has been called the “most dramatic ever” with two huge arguments in the villa, including one which completely divides the girls. Here’s what to look forward to.

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Tonight, Harriett still doesn’t know where she stands with Ciaran. Speaking to Joey, Harriett says: “He’s the one who doesn’t know what he wants. I don’t really understand what to do to make his mind up – I don’t know where his heads at.” Joey says: “I think it’s quite obvious he likes Nicole, no?”

Harriett says: “Well he hasn’t said that to me.” Joey says: “I swear when we was in the bedroom he was chanting Nicole’s name.” Joey then takes it into his own hands to make Ciaran talk, and gets the three of them together to chat it out.

Ciaran joins the conversation and in front of Harriett, Joey asks him: “Who do you like more? Do you like Nicole?” Harriett interjects: “Did you tell the boys in the changing room, Nicole?” Ciaran says: “Yeah I did.”

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Shortly after, Ciaran is speaking with some of the Islanders at the fire pit and asks, “Who told Harriett this?” Joey says: “I had to.” Ciaran is clearly annoyed, and says: “I was going to tell her. I would have rather gone up to her and said ‘I need to talk to you’.”

Meanwhile, Harriett is annoyed with tonight’s revelations and says to the girls: “Girls, can we go to the dressing room? Now.” Speaking to Patsy and Uma, Harriett says, “I can’t believe how he spoke to me.”

Nicole enters to check on Harriett but Harriett shouts: “Genuinely, have him!” Yikes! Encouraging Harriett to speak to Ciaran, Patsy says: “We’re not going to let them get away with this.” Harriett heads downstairs and tells Ciaran exactly how she feels as the rest of the Islanders watch on from the kitchen.

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Then, Harriett’s actions completely divide the girls. After Harriett’s reaction to tonight’s revelations, Jess and Samantha comfort her and suggest that some of their fellow Islanders may have encouraged Harriett’s reaction.

Jess says: “They shouldn’t have wound you up to do that because you’re a classy girl.” Samantha says: “People in here are saying ‘I love the fact she’s done that’. They love the fact that you’ve gone over and kicked off. And I don’t think your friends should be saying that. I think people like drama.”

The next morning, Harriett is speaking with Patsy when she says: “Jess was like whoever told you to do that is not your friend.” Patsy says: “Shut up.”

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Later, Nicole says to Patsy: “How are you feeling Patsy? You’re a bit quiet.” Patsy says: “No, I’m pissed off.” Jess enters and Patsy says to her: “I feel like there are a few comments going around that I don’t really understand.”

Patsy adds: “You’re going around saying ‘whoever told you to do that is not a real friend’.” Harriett interjects: “To be fair, it wasn’t just Jess.” But how will Jess react to Patsy’s comments?

Later, Sean clearly sees this as an opportunity, and asks Harriett for a chat at the fire pit. “I wanted to talk to you. I want to lay my cards on the table, I think you’re gorgeous,” he says. “You’re looking like a mermaid tonight. I feel like you’re lost at sea and need some Aquaman to come and save you.”

The next day and following Harriett’s tumultuous evening, Sean is keen to cheer Harriett up and makes her a coffee in the morning.  Later that day, Joey is having a chat with Harriett on the daybeds and it appears she actually has eyes for another….Ronnie. It’s such a mess!

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Later, a recoupling leaves one girl single. Uma receives a text which tells the Islanders there will be a recoupling in which the boys will choose which girl they want to couple up with. As the newest arrival, Uma will decide which boy she would like to couple up with first.

Who will Uma decide to couple up with? Once she makes her decision, one-by-one the boys choose a girl to couple up with until one girl is left single. But the girl left single then receives a text….

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