Omg, a Bridgerton viewer has spotted an adorable hidden portrait of Newton in season three

AKA the best character of the entire series

Before Bridgerton season three came out, as well as hoping and praying we’d get loads of Kate and Anthony happily married screen time, we were also hoping for the return of the show’s BEST character, Newton the dog.

And luckily we got a little glimpse of him in part one of season three, but one Bridgerton viewer spotted an adorable detail where we get more Newton content in a scene with Kate and Anthony.

In the very first episode, during the office scene between Kate and Anthony, if you look carefully in the top left-hand corner you can actually see they’ve got a portrait of Newton on the wall. I’m actually obsessed! Can you imagine the good boy sitting for his very own painting?

@catquinn posted the TikTok spotting the detail, she said: “I got a lot of questions about whether we’d see Newton in season three and of course we did but this is not the only place he shows up.


Did you spot Kate Sharma Bridgerton’s dog Newton the corgi in season 3? His portrait is hanging in the apartment she shares with Anthony. #bridgerton #kanthony #newton #corgi

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“Production designer Allison Gartshore told me that if you look really closely in their apartment in that upper left hand corner right there, there is a portrait of Newton in their apartment. So cute!”

Bridgerton and Newton fans are going mad in the comments at the adorable detail. One person said: “Stop it! That’s so cute and definitely something they would do.”

Bridgerton Newton

The good boy who plays Newton in the show is actually called Austin and he’s been acting for two and a half years. The Bridgerton cast say he was sassy and fond of falling asleep on set. You can learn more about the legend here.

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