Love Is Blind season six cast members now

Three months on, this is what all the Love Is Blind season six cast members are up to now

From new relationships to failed business ventures

It’s now been three months since we saw the cast of Love Is Blind season six complete the experiment on Netflix. I mean, complete might actually be a bit of a push, because this season saw most of the cast dip before they even made it to the aisle.

Having said that, since the show they’ve been up to loads. From new relationships and different dating shows, to becoming influencers and models, and even failing at some of their business ventures after the pods.

Here’s a full catch up with the cast of season six of Love Is Blind, and what they’re all up to now.

Amy and Johnny


oh how i love doing life with you 🥹🤍 @Johnny McIntyre #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6

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Of course, our Love Is Blind season six golden couple Amy and Johnny are still together now. And it’s a good job really, or this season would have been a 100 per cent flop. “I love doing life with you,” Amy said in an adorable TikTok of everything they’ve been getting up to since the show.

They’ve celebrated an anniversary, been on holiday to Puerto Rico, and still hang out with loads of the other LIB pod daters. Loads of the cast members have joined Cameo since the show, and Amy and Johnny are the ones who charge the most. A video from Johnny is £40, and one from Amy is £48. Steep!

AD and Clay

AD and Clay made it to their Love Is Blind wedding, but unfortunately it all ended there. Maybe it was for the best, because since being jilted, AD has been thriving. She’s been doing brand partnerships on Instagram, has been travelling and going on trips with brands and attending festivals. She really is living.

Meanwhile, you sure as hell know Clay has been keeping himself, shall we say…busy. He was reported to be dating an OnlyFans model after the show, but then he was pictured with another creator, and it all kicked off. The girls started posting about him, and even Clay’s mum posted to say he needed to buck up his ideas.

Meanwhile, you sure as hell know Clay has been keeping himself, shall we say…busy. He was reported to be dating an OnlyFans model after the show, but then he was pictured with another creator, and it all kicked off. The girls started posting about him, and even Clay’s mum posted to say he needed to buck up his ideas.

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Money was always on Clay’s mind during the show, so we should have known he’d turn his Netflix fame into a business venture. He’s on Cameo now, and a personalised video from him will set you back £28. He also still works as the owner of WaveSandy Water Rentals, a rental company for jet ski and boats in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Chelsea and Jimmy

Chelsea and Jimmy argued a lot during their time together on Love Is Blind, and didn’t even make it to their wedding day. However, after the show, they were pictured hanging out again which had people thinking they may have somehow got back together and made things work.

Since, Chelsea and Jimmy have explained they did try dating for a while, but are now just friends. In a recent interview, Jimmy said the two of them are still “very close” now.

Chelsea is still working as a flight attendant and owns her own business, as an elopement and wedding planner – of course! She did briefly open up a merch shop selling caps and t-shirts with phrases from Love Is Blind on them, but that must have been a bit of a flop, because the shop has been taken down.

On the dating front, it’s been rumoured that Jimmy is dating someone new, after he was pictured holding hands with a woman called Farrah Rose. The pair attended the Netflix Is A Joke festival, and posed for pictures hand-in-hand.


Jessica hasn’t let go of reality TV since Love Is Blind, and is now taking part in season two of Perfect Match. We’ll have to wait and see if she finds love here, but she was pictured getting very cosy with fellow cast member and Too Hot To Handle’s Harry Jowsey after filming.

After Love Is Blind, she said she had another connection we didn’t see in the pods, and she and her mystery man were “working things out”. Jess appeared on the Viall Files podcast to speak about the “strong connection” she made on the show, and said: “I had another strong connection. You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I’m not saying any names because I’m still trying to sort some things out. I’ve learned to hold my cards closer to my chest with things like that until I know.”

Outside of dating and reality TV, Jess has modelled for Miami Swim Week, has been doing some influencing, and continues to post loads of adorable pics and videos with her daughter.

Sarah-Ann and Jeramey

At the season six reunion, Jeramey and Sarah-Ann confirmed that after sailing off into the sunset on jet skis together, they were officially an item.  At the reunion they said they had been dating for a year, and were living together. “I’m sitting next to someone now I love with all my heart. In my pursuit of love, hearts got broken,” Sarah-Ann said on the show.

But, it’s been reported they have already split up. Jeramey has deleted all pictures with Sarah-Ann from his socials, and the pair have unfollowed one another. Yikes!

After the show, Sarah-Ann said she started going to therapy after her experiences with people posting nasty things about her online, and she now looks as though she enjoys spending the majority of her time hanging out at music events and with friends. Jeramey seems to always be in the gym, if his Instagram is anything to go by.

Both Jeramey and Sarah-Ann are on Cameo now – Sarah is now charging £20 for a video, whilst Jeramey charges £28.

Brittany and Kenneth

Brittany and Kenneth got engaged on Love Is Blind season six, but quickly realised it wasn’t going to work out and called it off before the wedding. Since then, Brittany is back to her job as a makeup artist and hair stylist, and she is also the co-host of a podcast.

Kenneth also appears to be back at his job as a school principal, and he and Brittany have remained friends since the show.


Love Is Blind season six cast members now

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A LOT went down with Trevor during Love Is Blind, most notably him being confronted at the reunion for being in a relationship the entire time, and not having a single word to defend himself with.

Now, Trevor has been announced as part of the cast of Perfect Match season two on Netflix – let’s hope he’s actually single this time. His bio for the show says: “Trevor is looking for a fresh start in the Perfect Match villa. Now the season six single is dating with a brand-new mindset and welcoming the next chapter of his life. Judging potential partners on looks alone is a habit of his pre-pod past because the fitness enthusiast is all about forging genuine connections going forward.”

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