The extremely strict Love Island smoking and vaping rules for 2024, explained in full

My vape obsession could NOT cope with this

Back in the day, you used to see the Islanders in the Love Island villa smoking to their hearts content – and all the best chats come from having a ciggy and spilling all the unfiltered tea. Now that Love Island is stricter on both alcohol rules and smoking, you don’t see any Islanders having a cig and honestly – the show is worse because of it. Even if you can understand why ITV don’t want to show their “aspirational” Islanders pissed out their heads and chaining it. Thanks to new info acquired by experts at Go Smoke Free, we now know all the strict smoking rules in Love Island 2024 and even if you fancy a cheeky little puff on a Lost Mary – you’re in for a tough time.

Here’s a full rundown of the Love Island smoking rules as it currently stands in 2024.

No disclosure, no ciggies

The most important rule of all is that Islanders have to declare before they get to the villa whether they smoke or vape. If you don’t tell producers beforehand that you do, then no smoking for you. You can’t just have one when you fancy, you need to make it known before your Islander era begins that you smoke or vape.

Good luck if you like a cig when partying. Via ITV

The daily allowance

Islanders are allocated either a vape or up to 10 cigs a day to smoke. Back in the day, Islanders used to get 20 cigs a day but this number has been halved due to Ofcom complaints.

The designated smoking area

There’s an off camera area for Islanders to smoke that is not filmed or ever even seen by the viewers. Only one cast member is allowed there at a time – therefore eliminating any good chats that might arise considering this happens unfilmed.

Items are not allowed to leave that area

Smoking paraphernalia like cigs, vapes, lighters are not allowed to leave that specific smoking area – which according to ex Islander Amy Hart is out the front of the villa. This means no sneaky vaping in the toilet when you think no one’s looking.

These rules got stricter after 2017, when loads of Ofcom complaints targeted Love Island for essentially glamourising smoking on TV when a stat came out that apparently a cigarette was shown on screen every five minutes of an episode. Speaking on reflection to the tighter smoking rules in 2018, ITV Studios managing director Angela Jain said “We are treating it like smoking in a workplace. Everyone’s used to it at home—you can’t smoke in a restaurant, you can’t smoke at work. So we just created a very clear separate area at the front of the villa.”

My poor vaping addiction could not cope with the Love Island 2024 smoking rules. That’s my application in the bin, then.

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