explosive love island bombshells

All the legendary Love Islanders who made history as the most explosive bombshells ever

Never forget how Maura Higgins shook up not one, but TWO couples in the villa

Love Island 2024 is in full swing and whilst were getting into the nitty gritty of the couples and friendships, we’re yet to see the same level of drama of the explosive Love Island bombshells have brought in the past. With the show constantly trying to up its shock factor and surprise us every night,  bombshells have seriously got to be more explosive and iconic than ever before. With the main purpose of a bombshell to steal another contestant’s partner and step on some toes, there’s no wonder why certain characters are chosen to come in late and stir the pot. And after Love Island 2024 surprised us with Joey Essex himself (seriously, what is he doing on, Love Island?), there’s bound to be more in store this season. In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane to remember who the true, most explosive Love Island bombshells of all time. They will forever remain iconic in my opinion…

Kady McDermott

explosive love island bombshells

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Starting off strong with Kady McDermott. Her fiery personality and short fuse lead to the most dramatic moments in the Love Island villa in 2016. Kady was so iconic that she bombshelled AGAIN in series nine. She truly is a double take.

Single-handedly, Kady provided us one of the most shocking Love Island fights to ever air on the show. After Malia Arkian entered the villa, she immediately wanted Kady’s man, Scott Thomas. Later that evening, an accidental spillage of wine led to confrontation, shouting and shoving. Kady claimed that Malia “full on shoved her” and Malia was removed after approximately 20 minutes in the villa.

Along with this, Kady was seen to be quite the drama queen as she had a huge meltdown over fellow bombshell, Tina, choosing Scott for a date. Kady proceeded to call Tina a “c***” and a “Made in Chelsea bitch”. Quite the overreaction, it seems.

Maura Higgins

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This Irish bombshell was first hated by viewers but by the end of the show, she was one of the fan favourites. As soon as she entered the villa back in 2019, her eyes were set on Tommy Fury, who was in a couple with Molly-Mae Hague, which we now know obviously worked out as they’re happily engaged and share a child.

During her date with Tommy, Maura’s confidence and boldness was quite revolutionary and truly iconic. Throughout series five, Maura’s straightforward attitude and confidence led her to many confrontations and heated arguments with other islanders. When she overheard Tom speaking badly of her to the boys before their night in the Hideaway, Maura was not afraid to speak her mind and confront him on his misogyny.

Later in the series, Maura shocked fans as she pursued Curtis Pritchard. Her interest led to a fallout in his relationship with Amy Hart. Yet, regardless of the upset Maura caused, the unlikely pair ended the show as a couple. Major slay.

Adam Collard

explosive love island bombshells

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Who can forget Adam Collard? One of the most memorable and controversial contestants of Love Island history. Coming in as a bombshell on series four, Adam truly stirred a lot of drama and truly lived up to the title of being a bombshell.

Adam entered the villa in 2018 and quickly coupled up with Kendall Rae-Knight. However, he soon caused drama by expressing interest in the new arrival, Rosie Williams, and subsequently dumped Kendall for her. Adam’s decisions were one of the first significant twists of the season and set the tone for his antics.

In his relationship with Rosie, he appeared committed to her but his wandering eye crept back up again as he shifted onto the new bombshell, Zara McDermott. He decided to pursue Zara whilst coupled up with Rosie, which caused a LOT of friction in the villa. Throughout the series, Adam gained the reputation as a player and tried to clear that image as he re-entered the villa in series eight. He didn’t have much luck.

Ekin-Su Culculoglu

explosive love island bombshells

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Ekin who? Ekin-Su! The Turkish bombshell certainly gained a lot of popularity during her time on Love Island 2022. Ekin-Su was both dramatic, entertaining and extremely bold in her actions, making her the perfect bombshell.

Ekin-Su entered the villa on day three and immediately made it clear that she wasn’t here to make “seasonal girlfriends”. Instantly, this raised eyebrows as she made it clear she was in there for herself and herself only. Ekin initially coupled up with Davide Sanclimenti, but then pursued Jay Younger, which caused a fair bit of conflict.

The balcony incident remains an unforgettable, iconic moment of Ekin. Whilst she was still coupled up with Davide, Ekin snuck onto the terrace and crawled on the floor with Jay for a cheeky kiss. This led to huge arguments and explosions in the villa. Yet in the end, Ekin-Su managed to rekindle her relationship with Davide, and they won the show. Such a legend.

Coco Lodge

explosive love island bombshells

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One of the funniest confrontations on Love Island was all thanks to this iconic bombshell, Coco. During Casa Amor, Coco entered as a bombshell and did what she had to do, step on some people’s toes.

In Casa, Coco quickly developed a connection with Andrew Le Page, who was coupled up with Tasha Ghouri at the time. Although Tasha could not see the antics both he and Coco got up to, Andrew’s connection with Coco left him torn and conflicted in his current couple.

When the original islanders reunited, Andrew decided to bring back Coco for the recoupling as he gave in to what the other boys were saying about Tasha being “ingenuine”. However, Andrew gained feelings for Tasha but had to confess that he “licked [Coco’s] tit or whatever”, which caused conflict and fallout in the villa. But this moment was TV gold, so thanks Coco for providing entertainment.

Arabella Chi

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Arabella bombshelled her way into the Love Island villa in series five. She entered on day 18 and her entrance already stirred up dynamics between the islanders.

Arabella quickly developed a connection with Danny Williams, who was in a couple with Yewande Biala at the time. This led to significant tension and competition between Yewande, Arabella and the rest of the villa. Arabella’s presence led to friction between Danny and Yewande. In the end, Danny chose to couple up with Arabella, leading to Yewande’s exit from the villa.

After stealing Yewande’s man, Arabella’s relationship with Danny faced challenges. Their connection was new, and they were still getting to know one another, but Arabella’s time in the villa was short-lived. After one week, Arabella was unfortunately dumped from the villa. Her bombshell explosion was brief yet impactful…so good, she did it twice by returning on Love Island: All Stars.

Molly Smith

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Who remembers the 2020 winter Love Island? Although it didn’t take off as much as the summer season, the sixth series still had its moments. Especially the Casa Amor twist that fans always anticipate. The bombshell, Molly Smith, certainly did what she came to do and caused a stir in the villa…

During her time in Casa, Molly formed a connection with Callum Jones, who was originally coupled up with Shaughna Phillips. When returning to the villa, Callum decided to bring Molly back which was one of the most dramatic moments in the series. Callum’s decision left Shaughna single and all she could say was “congrats, hun”. An iconic line for such a climactic moment.

Following the dramatic re-coupling, Molly focused on her relationship with Callum. They were dumped before the final and stayed together as a couple. However, Molly re-entered on Love Island All Stars, causing shockwaves through the villa as her ex, Callum, was a bombshell too…

Molly-Mae Hague

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Although Molly-Mae has become one of the most successful and influential contestants from Love Island, her bombshell entrance remains iconic and impressionable. Many of us will remember how on day four, Molly-Mae entered as a bombshell on series five of Love Island back in 2019.

The public’s vote for Tommy to go on a date with her was supposed to cause drama (which, it did) but ultimately worked out in their favour. Before settling down for Tommy Fury, Molly did cause quite the stir as she was trying to get to know the other boys at the same time and “categorically” make a decision.

Molly-Mae and Tommy’s relationship became a central storyline of the series. Despite this, questions still arose as to whether Molly was actually genuine or not, with Anton Danyluk’s comments about her being “two-faced” being just one of many doubts the Islanders had about her. But, everything seems to have worked out for her, I mean, she is basically a millionaire.

Megan Barton-Hanson

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Next, we have Megan Barton-Hanson, an unforgettable bombshell on Love Island series four. When Megan entered the villa, she quickly became a key figure throughout the series.

Megan caused quite a stir from the moment she walked in, choosing to pursue Wes Nelson, who was already coupled up with Laura Anderson. After her sneaky flirtations with Wes on the terrace, Megan often found herself the root of conflict between everyone in the villa. Despite her stirring and problematic execution, Megan coupled up with Wes and placed fourth overall. Perhaps stealing someone’s man works after all?

Georgia Harrison

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Georgia Harrison was quite the stirrer on series three of Love Island back in 2017. Although she entered on day 34 and left on day 46, her impact remains memorable and quite iconic.

When Georgia entered the villa as the new bombshell, tensions rose drastically after she chose to couple up with Kem… who was clearly in a relationship with Amber Davies. This moment around the fire pit led to shocked faces and instant distrust in Georgia throughout her short stay in the villa. But if you’re a bombshell, you’re going to have to step on a few people’s toes.

Georgia left the island after only 12 days but returned for Love Island: All Stars in January 2024 in a more peaceful manner. Her legacy in Love Island history will remain regardless.

Ella Barnes

Many will remember Ella Barnes, a latecomer who stirred up trouble in the villa only last year on series nine. Her bombshell entrance was bound to cause drama as she claimed to have “history” with Tyrique Hyde. And gosh, did her entrance sure cause an explosion…

After revealing her past connection with Tyrique and claiming to have kissed him multiple time, Tyrique’s girl, Ella Thomas, got extremely jealous. The tensions certainly rose, and the love triangle became more complicated. At one point, there was a “battle of the Ella’s”, where we saw Ella T confront Ella B about trying to compete with her for Tyrqiue…Yikes.

In the end, Ella B coupled up with Mitchel Taylor (also known as Messy Mitch) and left the villa as an “exclusive couple”, before splitting shortly after the show ended.

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