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Every wild Bridgerton reference and easter egg in this week’s Doctor Who episode Rogue

The Bridgerton style cover of Poker Face was perfection

In what is the perfect meeting of the two biggest shows right now, this week’s excellent Doctor Who episode Rogue explored what would happen if the Doctor ended up in an episode of what was, essentially, Bridgerton. When the Doctor and Ruby Sunday end up in 1813, they find themselves in the midst of a load of drama with the chaotic creatures known as the Chuldurs as WELL as being in the middle of the drama filled lead up to wedding season.

It even adds to the fun that Doctor Who companion Ruby Sunday is a massive fan of Bridgerton, and can’t believe her luck at where she’s ended up. Jonathan Groff is also in the episode starring as the titular Rogue – a Captain Jack Harkness kind of character who the Doctor is drawn to and who is suspicious of the Tardis lot. It’s all a load of fun, so here is a rundown of all the best Bridgerton references and easter eggs in this week’s Doctor Who. A perfectly timed episode, too – considering part two of Bridgerton series three drops this Thursday!

The opening references Simon and Anthony from Bridgerton series one

The cold opening of Rogue on Doctor Who is a nod to the series one storyline of Bridgerton, where Anthony and Simon duel over Daphne. The term “rake” is used as well, which is a nod to Bridgerton too with the word meaning someone who doesn’t conform to the society’s expectations of marriage and is instead more of a womaniser. What an opener – especially with the monstrous reveal.

Ruby debuting and playing ball debutante

All of Bridgerton is really about balls. And whilst it’s sexy, I obviously don’t mean that kind. The balls and throwing the best ball in Bridgerton is of the upmost importance, so here the Duchess in Rogue says her’s is the best of the season. Ruby is lapping it up, directly references Bridgerton and gives herself the title Lady Ruby Sunday of the Notting Hill estate.

It’s fun to note that Adjoa Andoh who plays Lady Danbury in Bridgerton is often at the helm of the balls, and she also plays Martha’s mum Francine Jones in Doctor Who.

The entire character of Emily Beckett

Not only is Emily’s character surname of Beckett a nod to Bridgerton, considering Sophie Beckett marries Benedict in the books – but her wallflower with a secret storyline kind of mirrors Nicola Coughlan’s character of Penelope Featherington. Penelope harbours the secret that she is the gossip merchant Lady Whistledown, where Emily Beckett is a secret Chuldur.

Parallels between Doctor Who’s Duchess and Lady Featherington

The two women are absolutely obsessed with societal status and the Duchess like Lady Featherington knows everyone’s business and is a shrewd matchmaker. The scene where the Duchess is horrible to her housekeeper over her being of a lower class and not being seen is so Lady Featherington it hurts.

The men and women not being allowed to be seen together rule

Both Doctor Who in this Rogue episode and Bridgerton in literally every episode ever reiterate the societal rule of the period that men and women were not allowed to be seen hanging out together. When Ruby is spying on Emily and Barton is mirrors how on Bridgerton Cressida Cowper spots Daphne and Simon in the gardens.

The Doctor’s plan of scandal is chosen because Chuldurs are ‘playing Bridgerton’

The big moment of the episode beyond THAT kiss is when the Doctor and Rogue take to the ball dance floor as a couple, shocking the onlookers as they watch two men dance together – likely for the first time.  The Doctor literally makes this plan because he knows the Chuldurs are loving playing up to the havoc of the period and he wants to give them a distraction as bait he knows they’ll take.


One of the most famous characteristics of Bridgerton is how the show is postmodern in its approach to music – using popular songs from the modern day but reimagined for the period in lush orchestration. Doctor Who gives a huge nod to this by repeating the formula, using Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and most notably Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Just deliciously camp.

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