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Lawyer who claims she was stalked by ‘dreadful’ Fiona Harvey shares alleged ‘screaming abuse’

Laura Wray claimed to Piers Morgan Fiona Harvey harassed her for years before Richard Gadd

Lawyer Laura Wray has spoken out in a lengthy interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored, where she talks about her experiences in which she claims she was stalked and harassed by Fiona Harvey – the woman currently suing Netflix over her portrayal as the stalker Martha in Baby Reindeer. Fiona Harvey previously appeared on Uncensored, and has denied accusations levelled at the character Martha and has filed a lawsuit against Netflix.

Laura Wray spoke to Piers Morgan Uncensored about how she feared being targeted again by Fiona Harvey after Baby Reindeer became such a pop culture phenomenon. The show, billed as “a true story” and in which Richard Gadd plays himself, said the character of Martha (played by Jessica Gunning) was renamed and had details changed to protect the identity of the real life inspiration – but when the show got bigger Fiona Harvey was quickly named online as the inspiration. Harvey then identified herself in the viral Piers Morgan Uncensored interview, and outlined her plans to take legal action as she denied all the claims.

Laura Wray claims on Piers Morgan Uncensored that Fiona Harvey harassed her after she was sacked from L&L Lawrence Solicitors in 1997 after working there for just two weeks.

“She was dreadful, rude to staff. She shouted at people. She was inappropriate with a male member of staff,” Wray told Morgan. “She tried to follow a male member of staff home. I mean all sorts of things happened. She threw a book across the office and hit somebody with it.”

Laura Wray was a senior partner at the firm, and says she told Fiona Harvey she wasn’t “cut out” for the role but Harvey refused to leave. “Eventually, my cashier and I had to march her out. And she stood there for at least half an hour screaming abuse,” she explained.

After this, Wray says she got threatening voicemail messages every day. “I seem to have been her major obsession over all these years,” Wray said. “She was harassing my family for many years, for longer than Richard Gadd.”

Lawyer Laura Wray also claims that Fiona Harvey falsely reported her to social services for abusing her disabled son. Wray told The Mirror last month “She made some bizarre allegation that I was in my car driving and somehow managed to hit my son who was sitting in the back of the car in the child seat. Eventually, it was all dropped, but that’s when I went for an interim injunction. Thankfully, it worked. She didn’t defend it. We never heard any more from her.”

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