The fallout from Omar and Mimii’s decision plus the first Love Island 2024 challenge tonight!

One Islander storms off from the firepit when the decision is revealed

Tonight is set to be a big night on Love Island 2024, as Omar and Mimii have decided to steal Islanders out of their couples. We will get to see who they choose, and how this affects those left single. Plus, the first challenge of Love Island 2024 takes place tonight!

Tonight’s episode returns to being back around the firepit, waiting to see what Omar and Mimii have chosen. Leaving their fellow Islanders stunned by their decision to steal, Omar and Mimii stand in front of the firepit ready to reveal which girl and boy they want to couple up with.

Love Island 2024 first look

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Explaining the reason for her decision, Mimii makes her intentions clear as she says : “This doesn’t mean it’s closed off..” Meanwhile, the villa’s latest arrival Omar has been getting to know both Patsy and Uma, but which girl does he feel a stronger connection with?

Omar says: “Since walking into the villa I feel like this girl has had a great bubbly energy when we’ve spoken and I’m interested in getting to know her much more. so the girl I would like to steal is…”

What impact will the results of their choices have on the rest of the villa? One Islander storms off from the firepit once the decisions are revealed. It’s chaos!

The next day arrives, and it’s time for the first challenge outside the villa that the Islanders this year have taken part in. The challenge stage makes a triumphant return for the first time this series as the Islanders prepare to get “On Job”.

Love Island 2024 first look

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The villa receives a text that reads: “Girls, it’s time to work hard and play harder in today’s challenge On Job #StepIntoMyOffice #BossBitch.” The girls adopt the role of sexy CEOs as their looks consist of glasses, shirts, ties and skirts.

The rules of the challenge involve each of the girls stepping up to the desk and picking a green and a red folder. The green folder contains a saucy sex position of which they will perform with a boy of their choice, followed by the red folder containing a negative statement which they will match up to the boy it best relates to.

The tea is spilled as after each negative statement is read out, the girls then swill a cup of tea at the boy of their choice. Sex positions include standing doggy, the wheelbarrow, the eagle and the rocking chair.

Ronnie proves to be a popular pick with the girls and is  given several red folders as Patsy tells him: “No back chat to the boss!” Mimii chooses Ronnie for “violation in the workplace” for flirting with Harriett in front of Jess. Jess also picks Ronnie for “inappropriate behaviour” and says his recoupling speech was a joke.

How will the rest of the boys fare? Which boy is given disciplinary action and who is chosen for demonstrating a lack of accountability?

Love Island 2024 first look

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Later that evening, Harriett confides in Patsy as she feels she is receiving mixed messages from Ronnie. Opening up to Patsy, Harriett says: “He’s half coupled up with me, half coupled up with Jess. He’s taken me to the hideaway…why has he done all of this stuff if he is not decided? You don’t say to someone you are thinking of them in bed all night. Why is he doing all of this?”

It appears Harriett is faced with a predicament as she says: “My heart is telling me to go for Ronnie but my head is saying don’t.” Will Harriett follow her head or her heart?

It’s all kicking off!

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