Taylor Swift Matty Healy shade

Matty Healy allegedly liked a post dragging Swifties for making everything about Taylor Swift

This is so messy

Matty Healy has allegedly liked an Instagram post that is throwing shade at Swifties and dragging them for making everything about Taylor Swift – Healy’s ex.

The Instagram post Matty Healy is shown to have allegedly liked in a screenshot is in itself a screenshot of a tweet that is dragging Swifties for making everything about Taylor Swift. When Charli XCX released her new acclaimed album Brat on Friday, Matty Healy shared the track So I to his Instagram story. So I is an extremely heartbreaking song by Charli about her relationship with the late producer SOPHIE – a pioneering musician and a good friend of Charli’s who died accidentally and tragically in 2021.

The fan account TSwift Dance Party Canada said “Matty just shared So I by Charli XCX on his story. The song is about Charli’s late friend SOPHIE but are we reaching to think that those lyrics on his story could be a signal to Taylor?”

This tweet was met with a lot of backlash, with Swifties inappropriately making a very moving song about Taylor Swift when Matty Healy was likely just supporting a great song by Charli XCX – who is engaged to Matty’s 1975 bandmate and friend George Daniel.

A tweet calling this behaviour out was then posted on Instagram, saying “We need a new psychological term for a contemporary form of narcissism that is somehow not refracted internally onto the self but rather onto the object of a standom.” The screenshot posted on Instagram on the account @neoliberalhell shows Matty allegedly liking it on his @trumanblack account. However, when looking through the likes of the post now – it’s not there. Could this be an edit to the screenshot or has Matty unliked it?

The comment section is filled with people saying “Matty liked it” and referencing him engaging with the post. It’s all super messy – and a fair point made in my opinion about how Swifties bizarrely make things that have nothing to do with her about Taylor Swift.

This also comes after drama on the new Charli track where she seemingly shades Taylor Swift on Sympathy is a Knife – where the lyrics “Don’t wanna see her backstage at my boyfriend’s show / Fingers crossed behind my back, I hope they break up quick” had fans thinking it was aimed at Taylor and Matty’s relationship.

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