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Omg, fans think Sabrina Carpenter will drop a third Short n’ Sweet single from these clues

Please Please Please let them be right

The huge success of both Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso and Please Please Please released earlier this year have done nothing to satisfy us hardcore fans, instead only making us hungrier for more. After announcing that her next album Short n’ Sweet will be released on 23rd August 2024, we are already conspiring on what the next single could possibly be. And after picking up on the subtle easter eggs Sabrina has breadcrumbed throughout her music videos and within performances, we are all now watching avidly for her next move in hope for another clue.

With her latest single Please Please Please immediately hitting top 10 in the charts after being released on 7th June, fans have quickly noticed that dropping hints and creating a storyline in the music videos is what Sabrina does best. So, with all of us fans paying close attention, here are all the theories that Sabrina Carpenter is due to drop a third single.

The end of Espresso plays the beginning of Please Please Please

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Fans have noticed that at the end of the Espresso music video, Sabrina Carpenter is arrested and sitting in the back of a police car. She places her feet up on the backseat and the video ends as a different tune starts playing out of the police car.

If you hadn’t already noticed, the short tune is actually the beginning of Please Please Please, actually making it a seamless continuation from Espresso. Then in the beginning of the Please Please Please music video, Sabrina is being bailed out of prison and is collecting her Espresso accessories, which include the sunglasses and lipstick she was donning in the previous music video. And of course, we can hear Espresso playing in the background in the police station. Iconic, right?

A new tune is teased at the end of the Please Please Please music video

sabrina carpenter third single

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Starring Barry Keoghan, the music video follows Sabrina’s new relationship with a bad boy and how she begs him not to embarrass her.

Starring Barry Keoghan, the music video follows Sabrina’s new relationship with a bad boy and how she begs him not to embarrass her.

Honestly, the Carpenter fans are obsessed with how Sabrina chose to hard launch her new relationship like this. After being rumoured to have been together since the end of 2023 and officially confirming her relationship with Barry at the Oscars after party in March, this video has definitely set a new tone on their love life.

Olivia Chamberlain held up a sign at Coachella, teasing Please Please Please before it’s release

Making her Coachella debut on 12th April, 2024, Sabrina performed a number of her previous hits, including Nonsense and Feather. Whilst on stage, Sabrina noticed a sign being held up in the crowd that read “Please! Please! Please! Play Espresso”, after it had been released the day prior, on April 11th.

Fans didn’t take much notice of this interaction, they only commented on how the person holding the sign was Emma Chamberlain, which is pretty iconic in itself. But following the release of Please Please Please, it’s obvious to us all that this was a publicity stunt and a clever little easter egg Sabrina created on purpose to leak her next song. So it would be silly for us Carpenter fans to not pay close attention to Sabrina’s next moves, as this was extremely clever and went completely over all of our heads at the time.

Fans think Sabrina dropped a hint about her next single at The Governors Ball


@Sabrina Carpenter is just a girl🤭 #fypage #sabrinacarpenter #pleasepleaseplease #govballnyc #sabrinacarpenteredit #imjustagirl

♬ Please Please Please – Sabrina Carpenter

Performing at The Governors Ball in New York on 8th June, Sabrina Carpenter sung Please Please Please after it was released just the day before. This is clearly a similar pattern after she performed Espresso at Coachella just one day after it was released.

But more importantly, fans who had made links to the “Please! Please! Please! Play Espresso” sign at Coachella were being EXTRA observant about any Easter Eggs Sabrina might drop in her live show. And sure enough, they think they nailed it after Sabrina read out another sign that said “please please please play Please Please Please” during her performance at Gov Ball. In response to that, she chirped: “I know I said I can’t relate to desperation, but I’m just a girl”.

Although the phrase, “I’m just a girl” is quite popular right now, could this be another hint at what the next song could be? Let’s hope we’re right!

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