Young Sheldon Big Bang Theory sadder

This The Big Bang Theory scene has everyone weeping harder after the Young Sheldon finale

George Sr’s death has scarred me for life

I don’t think any of us are over the heartbreaking death of Sheldon’s dad George Sr in the finale of Young Sheldon yet, and at this point I don’t think we ever will be. The death absolutely broke any fan’s hearts a billion times – even though anyone who had already watched The Big Bang Theory knew that it was coming. The way Young Sheldon handled George Sr’s death was super emotional – as was the funeral. And now, this one scene from The Big Bang Theory which was already so emotional has just become sadder now we know George Sr so much better and have gone through the tears, trials and tribulations of the Young Sheldon finale.

The scene is right near the end of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory moment that gets even sadder following the Young Sheldon finale comes right near the end of the show, in its final 12th season and in the 10th episode: The VCR Illumination. In the episode, Sheldon finds an old VHS of George Sr, and whilst him and Amy work on a paper to progress one of their theories Sheldon ends up finding inspiration from his dad in an unlikely way which helps the two of them make a breakthrough.

The really moving line comes right at the end of the scene, when Amy goes off to get her laptop and Sheldon looks back at the paused VHS video of his father and says “Thanks, dad. We’re gonna give them hell.” Jim Parsons’ performance as Sheldon here is super moving – but now Young Sheldon has wrapped it’s just hitting even harder and everyone on Reddit is crying all over again.

One fan said they think they have “ptsd” from George Sr’s death, and another said they “spent two days” trying to get over it and really felt like “someone close to them had passed away.” Young Sheldon really nailed it in terms of making the Cooper family feel like our own.

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