An exhaustive list of all 34 versions of her album Taylor Swift has greedily released

The Swifties are the real Tortured Poets having to buy 34 versions of the same album

I’m tired. I’m shattered. I’d go as far to say that I’m actually knackered. Taylor Swift is addicted to releasing versions of her very long, very bloated 11th album The Tortured Poets Department – so much so that there is now a grand total of 34 versions of the same album available for Swifties to part with their hard earned cash on. It’s ludicrous – and Taylor’s decision to release so many different variants is being widely criticised as she attempts to continue her chart domination, as every version counts towards the sales of the record and maintains the chart staying power. Taylor Swift has released 34 versions now of her album The Tortured Poets Department, so here are all 34 of them and what you get with each one.

Yes, I’m aware this is utterly ridiculous. It must be stopped.

1. Collectors Edition Deluxe with The Manuscript

First variant comes with a bonus track – The Manuscript. It’s worth noting that the next few editions of the album all have an extra bonus track on them that fans thought was exclusive, so people bought them thinking they had a limited edition with a song not on any other version.

2. Collectors Edition Deluxe with The Albatross

3. Collectors Edition Deluxe with The Bolter

4. Collectors Edition Deluxe with The Black Dog

5. Standard album and The Manuscript

Not sure what really makes this one different to number one, but hey ho!

6. Standard and The Manuscript (signed)

Same as before but she’s scrawled on it.

7. Standard and But Daddy I Love Him (Acoustic)

These ones are perfect if you like some mellow sings even mellower.

8. Standard and Guilty As Sin? (Acoustic)

9. Srandard and Down Bad (Acoustic)

10. Standard and Fortnight (Acoustic)

11. Standard and Fresh Out The Slammer (Acoustic)

12. Target exclusive with The Albatross

Obviously, you could only get the following ones at Target.

13. Target exclusive with The Bolter

14. Target exclusive with The Black Dog




15. Target exclusive vinyl

Does what it says on the tin.

Taylor Swift 34 versions

16. The Manuscript vinyl (pressing one)

17. The Manuscript vinyl (pressing two)

No clue what the need was for two of these, but that is becoming a common theme.

18. The Albatross vinyl

19. The Bolter vinyl

20. The Black Dog vinyl

21. The Manuscript vinyl



22. The Anthology

Obviously the biggest of all on this list is the surprise release when The Tortured Poets Department came out that it was a deluxe double album with a new total of 31 songs. Insane. Also, all the ones that people who bought physical versions thought were special to their version were all on there. Nice.

23. Standard and The Black Dog ‘voice memo’

These extras with voice memos have a little bit of Taylor introducing the track at the start. If that’s your thing. 34 versions of this Taylor Swift album, by the way. 34.

24. Standard album and Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me voice memo

25. Standard album and Cassandra voice memo

26. Standard album (digital)

Not much to moan about here. If you’re releasing an album you kind of have to have a standard edition. We’ll let her off.

27. Standard album and Daddy I Love Him (Acoustic)

These are the recent releases, where Taylor has dropped limited edition digital versions of albums with obscure extras and acoustic versions and live versions from Eras Tour. These releases have been widely criticised.

28. Standard album and loml (live from Paris)

Taylor Swift 34 versions

29. Standard album and My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys (live from Paris)

30. Standard album and The Alchemy / Treacherous mashup (live from Paris)




31. The Manuscript cassette

These final four are just the cassette versions of the record with the original four tracks split as bonus tracks.

32. The Bolter cassette

33. The Albatross cassette

34. The Black Dog cassette

And there we are. Finished.

For now. We all know Taylor Swift will not be at peace with 34 versions of The Tortured Poets Department. As soon as that chart position starts being threatened we’re probably going to get lumped with a whole lot more.

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