Love Island 2024 Harriett ode

An ode to Harriett: The Islander bringing drama and making Love Island worth watching

Thank god for her messy, MESSY ways

I do fear as a nation and as a general TV consuming public, the majority of you are somehow immune to the fact that a great character on reality telly is someone you needn’t like very much at all. Never has this been more fitting with Harriett Blackmore – currently turning heads and causing havoc on Love Island 2024 in the most perfect of ways. To be blunt, I do not think this is someone I would be friends with – but it is someone I want on my TV screens for the next two months. Why? Because she’s seemingly addicted to causing maximum havoc in every social and romantic decision she makes in the Love Island villa – and to me, this is simply priceless. Here’s why Harriett from Love Island 2024 deserves her own ode for singlehandedly making this series worth watching.

Quite frankly, I am here for chaos

Whilst this may be a show called Love Island, it is not really love that I am interested in. I want explosion, mayhem and mess. As Love Island outgrew its rough roots and became an influencer churning machine, where “aspirational” Islanders were the goal, it seems like the riotous reality TV of yore took a backseat in favour of nicey nicey marketable gorgeous people who can pop into the villa for a few weeks and whether they find a love interest or not, can exit to a hefty fast fashion deal and a few 100,000 social media followers. It is the likes of Harriett Blackmore who did not get the memo.

Harriett has caused chaos everywhere she lurks this season of Love Island, and her 2024 ode must simply marvel at that. We’re barely a week in and she’s established herself as an exemplary shit stirrer. The girls say one thing when she’s around, and you best believe she’s hot footed it to Joey Essex’s side to spill the tea. She can’t help herself – and every second that ticks by of an episode you can feel an eruption from the volcanic Samantha spilling all over the Blackmore shores any day now.


The perfect level of ‘wanting to be famous’

It didn’t take long for all of Harriett’s little celeb connections to emerge – most notably the fact she’s super chummy with Saffron Barker. I love when this happens because it enriches the lore of who I’m watching in the Love Island villa, and knowing she’s sort of sidelined fame for a while makes me feel the energy that she’s hungry for success in the villa. I don’t want to watch people who aren’t willing to throw people under the bus to get the man they want / stay on telly for longer. These are all traits Harriett has in spade loads. I feel like the only person in that villa safe from her own agenda right now is Joey Essex – and only because I don’t think she’d dare cross someone so famous.

Thank GOD she stayed last night

Honestly, I’m never really one to say this – but thank god for Ronnie. That buffoon of a man has Jess and Harriett in a Vulcan death grip for some reason, but the fact that both of them are chomping at the bit for him meant that Harriett escaped last night’s dumping. She has SOMETHING going on in the villa, because she’s turning heads.

Get the dead weight out, like the Islanders rightly chose to do last night. Harriett can’t leave. The way she pushes buttons by simply existing, turns lads heads slightly when she doesn’t even mean to, the slight menace she rises in the girls every time she opens her mouth or dares ask to wear a silver ring. The fireworks must stay.

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